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Softbank Invests in 5G

Softbank is pushing to further its 5G initiatives. These efforts will be critical as 5G continues to become a large factor across the world. How is the firm investing in these 5G initiatives? Softbank is borrowing over $280 million to strengthen its 5G base station initiatives in the Japanese region.

According to recent reports by the firm, we see that Softbank has a large presence in the Japanese region. At the same time, it seeks to have more 5G coverage in the region by allocating more capital to this campaign. The firm wants to provide more coverage by 2024 and is incrementally increasing investment to pursue its 5G ambitions.


Softbank Has High Altitude Platform Stations and Terrestrial 5G Base Stations

The Japanese tech giant has also been invest in an HAPS initiative. While HAPS or High Altitude Platform stations are not exclusive to Softbank, it is an interesting technology or process in the communication sector. According to the National Law Review, “High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) are one such innovation currently under review by the FCC for expanded use in underutilized bands.  The FCC’s rules define a HAPS as a “station located on an object at an altitude of 20 to 50 km and at a specified, nominal, fixed point relative to the Earth.”

What does that mean exactly?

These are communication devices in the stratosphere.

You can also think about them as communication platforms through balloons. If you are thinking that you have heard about this concept before, you probably thought about Loon and its experiments. The devices were able to provide connectivity across specific regions in Puerto Rico. This means that this technology is feasible and viable.

It makes sense why Softbank is investing in this technology as well as 5G as it seeks to continue to be strong player in its core stable communication operations.

It may serve as no surprise that Softbank purchased over 150 HAPS from Google as it slowly scaled back on its HAPS operations in 2021.


Why Is More and Better Coverage Necessary?

As the world becomes more technologically oriented, further investments in infrastructure will be critical and will be quite necessary. 5G serves a great technology to boost other technologies that range from virtual reality to other emerging technologies.

The speed and general robustness of 5G will help to foster and bring about more technologies that advance operations in various industries.

Remember 5G provides larger data rates, less delays in connectivity and data transfers, and further capacity. 

All critical points as we continue to rely more on technological growth.



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