3 Ways to Track Starlink Satellites

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Use the three methods below to track Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites. The new internet service provider has made headlines for some years now mainly due to the high speeds it claims to offer and Elon Musk’s past successes in the industry. 

The number of satellites orbiting the earth keeps increasing, but the good news is that you can track their locations in real-time. The tracking sites discussed below will help you locate the exact location of Starlink satellites in real-time.

1. Satellite Map

Satellite Map works like Google Earth, where you can view different continents and countries. Therefore, you can easily and quickly track any Starlink satellite and see its exact location in relation to the earth. 

If you want additional details about the satellite, simply click on it, and its launch date, altitude, and name will appear on the bottom-right of the screen. It’s worth noting that some of these satellites have their respective ground stations marked in red. Clicking on these stations on the Satellite Map site provides you with satellite antenna diameter, antenna count, and general location.

2. Find Starlink

Unlike Satellite Map, the Find Starlink site only lets you check out the main satellites. It also enables you to click on these satellites to read their trajectories. Tracking the main satellites’ location and direction lets you know which satellites could be passing by soon. This way, you can prepare to take a look, especially if you have a telescope.

3. Starlink Coverage Tracker

Starlink Coverage Tracker provides detailed information about all the satellites. In addition to providing the live satellite map, Starlink Coverage Tracker shows the covered locations, coverage quality, and satellite name. Simply click on a satellite to see its trajectory. Note that the blue circle surrounding each satellite shows the coverage radius. Starlink Coverage Tracker also indicates all the standby satellites and their coverage predictions. 

Track Starlink’s Satellites

The three sites discussed here will help you track all Starlink’s satellites quickly and efficiently. Click on any of these to understand their coverage and location in real-time.

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