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5 Convincing Reasons to Write and Code in UltraEdit

UltraEdit should be your priority if you’re drafting a copy for the front-end or developing a new product from scratch. Some of the features to encounter include an FTP client and Markdown. Here are five main reasons you should not hesitate to install the context-aware and code-aware text editor and enjoy the pleasurable use in every type of writing. 

1. Incredible Performance

UltraEdit is tough, fast, and able to handle everything from simple Markdown to hefty files of up to 10GB. Most corporations prefer UltraEdit as they experience no lapse in performance or speed when processing documents.  

The revert-to-save feature, drag-and-drop editing, and a compendium of spell-checking, copy/paste, text deletion, and extended text selection culminate in an exceptional text editing experience. 

Once you are through the 30-day free trial, you’ll find numerous custom options that you aren’t used to on other text editing software. UltraEdit also allows you to develop custom keyboard shortcut settings if you so wish. 

2. A Packed Code Editor

UltraEdit is exceptional both as a text editor and a code editor. It offers support for popular programming languages such as Python, C/C++, Perl, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML, not to mention oddballs like Unicode. 

The GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM)-compatible app cuts no corners in the programming toolkit, including code folding, configurable syntax highlighting, pop-up function tips, auto-complete suggestions, multi-selection, multi-caret editing, and HTML live preview. 

The UltraEdit will support about 20,000 characters and expression support for Unix syntax, Perl regex, and its own legacy syntax. 

3. A Fully-Integrated FTP Client

UltraEdit allows you to access and store files via a file transfer protocol (FTP) browser. This way, the transfer rates improve to about 25% of the regular rates. 

Remote preview, synchronized browsing, local folder sync, and other hot features enhance a seamless file-sharing pipeline that keeps everything within reach. Besides, UltraEdit’s integrated support for FTPS, SFTP, and FTP protocols and all server types make it one of the most suitable text editing systems. 

Notably, the app has a support blog where you find an in-depth walkthrough on how to use all the capabilities. The blog offers an excellent introduction to exciting aspects of the vast array of tools. It means that you don’t need any additional installations or downloads to do everything you wish on UltraEdit. 

4. Powerful Search Functionality

UltraEdit has a search bar that you can use to find any keyword in your writing. Use the in-app search hub to search through entire folders or with regular expressions regardless of the open file at the time. 

The find and replace feature can also apply to all your files, not just the open ones. In addition, using the file-sorting and selecting feature on your high volume will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run. 

UltraEdit’s built-in file and project explorer helps you efficiently manage huge collections saving you the headache experienced before the app emerged.

5. Simultaneous Text Comparison

UltraEdit’s collection has another excellent app known as the UltraCompare, which compares, merges, and syncs changes within three different files. However, you can still back up files, auto-save, and auto-recover files using UltraEdit. 

Even before you think of factoring the UltraCompare into the equation, UltraEdit signature functionalities include comparing and controlling different versions of a document or folder. Through the feature, you can compare external changes in different versions without overwriting other works. 

The app’s line change indicator is one of the tools you’ll like when comparing text. UltraEdit marks saved text changes in green while the unsaved ones are shown in red. The different coloring makes revising and reviewing documents foolproof, easy, and fast. 

UltraEdit Text Editor

It’s worth noting that we just highlighted the basics here. There are other hundreds of crucial features, including built-in SSH, scripted automation, and Telnet panel, that combine in the UltraEdit app for any writer. 

UltraEdit is undoubtedly an attractive package fit for programmers looking for something unique or writers simply writing prose.

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