Smartphones Gaming Graphical Performance Getting Closer to PC

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Just 15 years ago smartphones hadn’t even made a splash on the digital market. Back then we were still using cell phones that looked like regular phones, the only difference being that we could take them on the go.

But, if you fast forward to last year, things have changed drastically. Not only do we have the ability to turn our smartphones into completely different tools (think the flashlight app), there are other types of mobile devices on the market i.e. tablets, smart watches, etc. And, based on recent projections, these devices are about to make another leap in their digital evolution.

No idea what we mean? Haven’t you heard the news about smartphones and their gaming graphical performance? The word on the street is that, by the end of the year 2017, executives are expecting these mobile devices to outperform PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That is, that little device in your pocket will soon make the latest gaming consoles look and feel crusty and old.

The Mobile Revolution is About to Take Place

These projections about the graphical performance of smartphones are bolstered by news from ARM, the company responsible for the chip architecture for most mobile devices. The company is getting ready to innovate the computation power for mobile devices.

In fact, Nizar Romdan, their Ecosystem Director, has been quoted as saying the high-end tablets and smartphones will have visuals that are on par with the popular gaming consoles.

Mobile hardware is already quite powerful. And, if you look at the average high-end mobile devices, their graphical performance are already better than the predecessors of the aforementioned gaming consoles ie PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Based on this news, can you imagine what would happen to games like the 7Sultans casino app for iPhone?

By the end of this year, there will be tablets and smartphones on the market that are able to run the same games (in terms of graphics) that we previously had to buy certain gaming consoles for. This news means that we can see more hardcore players in the already $30 billion mobile gaming market. Furthermore, it may also help power the software needed for virtual reality on mobile devices. Digi-Capital, a tech advisor, believes that AR and VR gaming on all platforms could bring in about $10 billion in revenue within the next three years.

A Few Obstacles Need to be Eliminated First

It is important to note that all this potential doesn’t mean that publishers like Ubisoft will begin releasing new titles exclusively for smartphones. After all, the mobile and gaming console audiences aren’t one and the same. Furthermore, touchscreen only devices need different types of human-software interactions.

But, with the continuous improvement of virtual reality, we may see this obstacle eliminated. Putting on a headset offers the same experience whether you are using a smartphone or a tethered to your personal computer. The only difference is that these devices don’t have the same processing. Plus, battery life may prove to be a problem. Still, it is the exact same experience. And, that alone may be a game changer for the future of mobile gaming.

Naysayers may inquire about the input issue. But, Romdam is confident that the growing development in mobile virtual reality will remove this obstacle. In other words, research into this burgeoning industries will provide information that enables them to create an entirely new way of interacting with hardware.

What do you think about this news? Do you believe that mobile hardware will soon be able to outperform home consoles? Do you want them to? Share your thoughts in the comments section, we would love to hear what you have to say.

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