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Sketchy Bug Group steps close to the edge with Danger Arcade Anthology

Premier West Coast comic book creator collective teams with host store The Comic Bug
is launching a comic book anthology fraught with peril and mayhem


Los Angeles, California – Launched on Kickstarter, October 5, 2020, Danger Arcade is the latest anthology by the Sketchy Bug Group based out of The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, California. The Sketchy Bug Group is the West Coast’s largest comic book creator collective, comprised of comic fans, cosplayers and creators alike. This new collection of stories, fraught with peril and mayhem, gathers creators from independent, underground and big-publisher backgrounds. The book consists of 69 pages of stories by 21 creators – plus additional pinups.

Ten tales of danger and adventure set the stage for the Sketchy Bug Group’s first foray into Kickstarter funding with Danger Arcade, a comics anthology. However, the group is no stranger to the platform, with members like co-founder Don Walker (creator/writer/artist of Agent Wild and Reaper CorpsVampirella and Lady Death sketch card artist), Francis Joe Burns (writer, Danica ShadeHarpies Origin: Anya), Don Nguyen (creator/writer/artist of Pablo the Gorilla, Marvel Anime sketch card artist) and brothers Alex and Luis Bermudez (writers/artists from Monsters and Other Scary $#!% from Wannabe Press) previously contributing to or funding successful comic book projects on Kickstarter.

The aforementioned creators join veterans like Brandon Easton (writer, Transformers: The War for CybertronMarvel Action Spider-ManJudge Dredd: False Witness) and Ed Dukeshire (letterer, Mighty Morphin Power RangersHulk) as well as independent voices like Jose Cardenas (creator/writer/artist of Universe Protectors), Juan Ponce (writer, World’s Strongest), Mike Ahn (artist, Out of Order) and Jeff Peters (creator/writer/artist, US: Museum GirlWrite a Graphic Novel in 5 Simple Steps) in bringing the anthology to light. Mike Penn of Heavy Metal magazine serves up a beautifully painted cover!

Backers of the campaign will discover possible rewards including digital comics bundles from friends and Sketchy Bug members, as well as trading cards, prints, stickers and original art if the project successfully funds. The DANGER ARCADE campaign closes on November 4 at 8:06 a.m. PST.

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