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FINALLY… A Product That Does What it Advertises!!

First, let me start by saying that while I did receive this product at no charge to me, they in no way expected that I would do a review on it. The fact is, as Managing Editor here at Geek Insider I rarely have time to actually write articles these days but after trying this, I simply HAD to get the word out.

As many of you know, my wife and I suffer from severe chronic pain and it’s no exaggeration to say that we have tried virtually every type of pain relief available. From physical therapy to opiates up to major surgeries and everything in between. 

These days, the only real relief we get is from marijuana but unfortunately, our state government has yet to legalize it. Not that it stops me, but to me its idiotic that something that can help so many is still so freakin controversial.

Anyway, when I revealed to a friend that my lumbar neurostimulator was nearing it’s end of life and I have no clue how I’m going to deal with the pain, he asked if I ever tried CBD.

I kind of laughed. Yeah, we’ve tried it.

Edibles… no dice. Although I never had much luck with THC edibles either, so that may just be my body chemistry.

Tinctures – all I tried tasted like a horse’s hoof and didn’t provide any relief.

Oils/Balms – stinky, sticky, oily messes and again, no freakin relief.

As it happens, this friend has a friend in California with a CBD company and he asked if he could send me some for the wife and I to try. 

With our past experiences I said “sure, we appreciate it” but I didn’t hold out any hope that we’d get relief.

For once, I’m glad I was wrong.

DNA Hemp Company

Again, let me say that this company in no way expected a review and they haven’t promised to supply me with their products in exchange for this. I’m pumping this out because if I can help ONE other person with chronic pain, it’s worth the time to write it up.

They have several CBD products at DNA Hemp Company but they sent us a bottle of the Natural Organic Hemp Flower CBD Tincture and a jar of the Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Body Balm and while both have their benefits, I do have a preference of one over the other and I’ll discuss it below.

DNA’s CBD Tincture

The oil tincture contains 2000 mg of pure CBD oil and is produced here in the U.S., which immediately gives them a leg up on many of the options floating around the interweb these days. Taken orally, you simply fill the supplied eye-dropper to about halfway and deposit it under your tongue and hold there for around 10-seconds before swallowing.

In comparison to other oils and tinctures I’ve tried, this is a SUPER mild floral/herbal/earthy flavor and doesn’t leave a nasty after-taste at all. Usually around 20-minutes after dosing I can feel release and relief in my lumbar, one of my major trouble areas. After a week of use, I’ve found that if I dose twice a day, once in the morning and then early evening, it has significantly helped my pain levels.

My Favorite – Their CBD Body Balm

While I have an operational (for now at least) neurostimulator for my lumbar and legs, I have a second defunct stimulator for my c-spine and shoulders. So unfortunately, I experience a ton of pain in this area, especially after a few hours on the computer. There’s plenty of days where I have to wear a soft c-collar just to alleviate some of the pain and I’ve tried virtually every cream and ointment on the market with little to no help.

That’s why DNA Hemp Company’s Body Balm has become my new favorite. My wife can rub some on my neck scars, cervical spine area, and shoulders and within 5-10 mins, I FINALLY have some relief.

Seriously, it brought a tear to my eyes.

The great thing is, this company has really worked their formula to actually be a Balm instead of a messy oil. Even in the still-too-damn-hot Texas weather. Other so-called balms I’ve tried were so oily, it seemed like I should pop it into my vape pen I use for concentrate.

This Body Balm does feels oily on application, but it seems penetrates the skin fairy quickly and doesn’t make you feel like you lathered yourself in baby oil. 

Another HUGE bonus is that their product is time released, contains 500 mg of the highest quality Hemp Flower CBD, and has a pleasing herbal smell that doesn’t irritate the skin.

When my neck pain is burning or stabbing, the balm calms it down to an ache. It’s simple to use and lasts a long time and as with the tincture, I’ve found that twice a day usage seems to work best but there have been those super bad days where I’ve used more.

All-in-all folks, if you’re suffering from chronic pain and you’re wanting an alternative to opiates or other extreme measures, you simply owe it to yourself to try DNA Hemp Company.

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