Understanding Woke Bingo

Woke bingo

As a game with such a reputation for being a traditional British affair, it’s hard to think of Bingo games as being something new, perhaps even on-trend. But, at the moment, that is actually what comes to mind when we think of Bingo UK. However, the new found status that bingo games has got itself isn’t without a reason. 

With the advent of online bingo causing a great stir in the online casino industry, some kind of cultural shift has occurred. This great stir is because with the rise of online casino and online bingo, so too did the kind of people playing. No longer restricted to the older generation, bingo games have become a favourite amongst millennials. Which explains the arrival of woke bingo – check out www.barbadosbingo.com/all-games.

Has woke bingo disrupted online bingo? 

Bingo games haven’t really changed all that much, with the exception of the game Slingo perhaps, a new concept which combines slots and online bingo games. Indeed, before the rise of online bingo and casino, multiple generations would play bingo games with relatives. 

This means younger people would likely have already known about bingo games and how to play these already. However, around now is the first time younger people have been able to play bingo games by themselves. The online bingo industry has in fact grown due to this, and overall bingo games have simply become more popular if anything else. 

So how did woke bingo happen? 

The rise in popularity of online bingo games was a big change to the online casino industry, but that’s not to say there’s no more change afoot. In comes woke bingo, something quite different to the traditional bingo games concept. First off, woke is a word which describes people who have woken up to something they were doing in the past being unacceptable now. 

This means changes need to be made, and where this fits into bingo games is with the traditional callouts heard throughout bingo games. For example, bingo calls like “88” have become instead “Wills and Kate.” Of course this change has garnered a lot of controversial attention, and not everyone agrees with having more wholesome call outs over the traditional ones. 

Do we need to wake up bingo? 

It would be fair to say that some of the traditional bingo games call outs would be arguably deemed offensive for many people. Of course, the best example being the “two fat ladies” call out. We have as a nation woke up to the fact that body shaming is probably not the healthiest thing for society, and so this call out naturally wasn’t really fitting for our times. 

That’s not to say it was all bad though. A bit of tongue in cheek humour never hurt anybody too much, however, with anything that’s public it is a good idea to be careful about these things. Especially when we don’t personally know another will react to tongue in cheek humour. If anything woke bingo is great as it means more people will want to play bingo games, rather than potentially feel humiliated.

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