Should you unbox your expensive action figures?

Should You Unbox Your Expensive Action Figures?

To box or not to unbox: that is the question that many serious collectors ask. This age-old debate encompasses many arguments that action figure fans can’t seem to agree on no matter how much time has passed. While hobbyists might not see this discussion as anything more than nonsense, veteran collectors have strong evidence to support their opinions.

It’s hard to decide what’s best for your collection with everyone screaming their beliefs so loudly. However, there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument to explore before making your decision. So should you unbox your expensive action figures? Keep reading and choose for yourself.

The Advantages of Boxing

Many collectible enthusiasts firmly believe that action figures should remain in their boxes. While this might seem pointless, considering they’re toys, unboxing figures decreases their value immediately. This factor is especially important for collectors to consider if they desire to sell their collection for a profit later on.

In addition to value, keeping your collectibles in their boxes adds a layer of protection against the elements. You won’t need to worry about your rare figures collecting dust or sustaining damage inside their original packaging. There are also some unique ways to display your action figures in their boxes. So you don’t have to compromise their safety for showcasing.

A Defense for Unboxing

While there are many benefits to keeping your collectibles inside their boxes, many people choose to remove their figures to enjoy them up close. They argue that the point of owning action figures is to play with them and show them to others with similar interests. The thrill of unboxing also helps attract new people to the hobby. There are tons of unique items to Geek out over, but action figures are a great gateway for newcomers. Keeping them in their packages can dampen the appeal.

There are also many advantages to unboxing your expensive action figures that “pro boxers” might not consider. Unboxed figures take up less space, making them easier to display. Unboxing also allows you to inspect your inventory for manufacturing damage. Furthermore, removing your collectibles from their original packaging gives you more freedom to pose and manipulate your figures for photos and fun.

What’s Right for You?

Ultimately, deciding whether to unbox your valuable collectibles is entirely up to you. However, this personal preference can affect how you handle your collection long-term, so think wisely before unsealing your figures. If you’ve spent a ton of money building your inventory and want a return on your investment, you may decide to keep your figures in their boxes.

However, something about holding and admiring your new action figures makes unboxing them appealing. If your goal is to cultivate a collection for personal enjoyment, there’s no need to leave your items in their packages. This way, you can have complete control over your figures and enjoy them fully.

There’s no resealing when it comes to collectibles, so be sure to set your intentions for your collection before you start opening boxes. What you choose to do with your inventory is 100 percent your call, so do whatever makes you happy.

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