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‘Shadow of Mordor’ Sequel Officially Announced

The game’s been rumored awhile, but Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor officially has a sequel set to come out on August 22 this year. Titled Shadow of War, it once again follows the story of Talion and Celebrimbor as they fight their way through the evils of Middle-earth. This time they’ll have a Ring of Power to aid them, and they’re going to need it. They will be going into the enemy territory of Mordor as they work to forge an army. As seen in the trailer and announced by the press, they will be facing Sauron and his Nazgûl head on. 

The press release revealed that Shadow of War will use the Nemesis system, but has promised to expand upon it. Players’ actions will shape the environment and characters throughout the entire world in the game, creating a unique experience from other players. “Followers” are also being introduced to the system, adding “new stories of loyalty, betrayal and revenge.”

The game is available for preorder (Xbox One, PS4, and PC) in four editions, the Mythril version containing the most expansions and bonus items. If you’re just interested in the expansions, the gold edition includes them all even if it lacks quite a bit of the merchandise. The game’s website gives a description of what the expansions include. 

“Nemesis Expansions include a new Orc Tribe featuring new enemies, followers, missions, abilities, weapons, Fortress and wilderness updates, and a Mythic Gear Set. Story Expansions introduce a new campaign, playable character & abilities, side missions, enemies, allies & more.”

If you missed the message at the end of the trailer, there is going to be a gameplay reveal released on March 8. 

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