Sergey Matsotsky shares his views on how to start and manage a startup company

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, sergey matsotsky shares his views on how to start and manage a startup company, business
Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, sergey matsotsky shares his views on how to start and manage a startup company, business

Sergey Matsotsky: “I am a senior co-worker and resource for my companies”

Sergey Matsotsky is a programmer who became a successful IT entrepreneur. His best-known project in the global market is Luxoft, a software development company working with the largest European corporations. Started in 1999, the project was acquired by U.S. DXC Technology for $2 billion 20 years later. 

Matsotsky is a visionary. Based on the needs and pains of businesses and their consumers, he generates ideas for new business. He employs a team to deliver on his ideas. And he thinks the essential position is that of a company’s chief executive who orchestrates processes internally and provides business operations management. 

“Each of my companies is unique with its specific climate, culture, values. And it is usually the CEO who sets the pace. As is the CEO, so is the company,” says Matsotsky.  


●   Matsotsky Sergey Savelyevich is a serial entrepreneur, founder of a number of IT companies operating globally.

●   Co-founder of the IBS company, founder of the GS-Invest Holding.

●   Launches startups, invests in technology. One of his latest projects is L2U (a technology for end-to-end customer service across communications channels).  

People are key to success

In Matsotsky’s opinion, it is often by chance that you find the right person. Not to let him go, the entrepreneur tries to get on board the person he is interested in. 

“You should know how to recognize the person you come across on your way. If this person is interesting, I begin thinking how to engage him. And it often happens that there is no job opening for him right now. Then I begin thinking what I and he could do together,” said Matsotsky. “People, especially those at the wheel of a company, make 50% of its success.” 

Not a boss, but a partner

Sergey Matsotsky believes that he, as the business owner, is a partner and resource for his companies. He gives top-managers a free hand while always staying in touch, and people like it. They willingly come for advice.

“I am more of a senior co-worker than a boss. I have a passion for being creative with the team, addressing application tasks, thinking of something new. My experience is the resource that should be taken advantage of. And my companies are well aware of this,” noted Matsotsky.  

New project L2U

L2U is a relatively young startup launched by Sergey Matsotsky. The entrepreneur started the project in late 2019. The Listen to You idea originated from the desire to address the challenges of call centers that many large companies have. With siloed communication channels, it is difficult for the staff to ensure fast and efficient customer service, while people go seven circles of hell before they have their question answered. L2U is an IT product enabling to deliver an end-to-end customer experience across communication channels.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, sergey matsotsky shares his views on how to start and manage a startup company, business

At the MVP phase, Matsotsky offered the position of the CEO to Kirill Kuznetsov – not an IT professional, but a person with long experience in delivering multiple digital projects within large companies and government entities. 

“Sergey thinks globally, and I have a track record of implementing similar innovations,” said Kirill Kuznetsov. “I got into the L2U idea. First of all, this is a really useful solution for business, and it also makes things easier for people at large. It is important for me that I can explain to children, my friends why I am doing all this.”  

Management system

Although L2U is a young project, the management system of this startup is based on the principles of a fully-grown business. For example, the board of directors composed of Kirill, some employees and representatives of a technology partner has been established recently. 

“Now we have the people whose experience is entirely different from mine. This has enriched the company,” Kirill Kuznetsov thinks. “I generally follow the principle “employ professionals”. I try to engage people who have better skills in various areas than I do. I have deep competences in project and HR management, but there are also gaps, for example, in marketing, that may be filled by qualified specialists”.Not to be afraid of engaging people who are stronger than you also fits in well with Sergey Matsotsky’s management philosophy. “I always wished to work with self-dependent and strong people capable of making decisions and taking responsibility. I am a man of emotions, but I manage not to overpress, I am ready to listen and change my point of view,” says Matsotsky.

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