What Are The Pros and Cons of Salesforce?

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Salesforce has been leading the sales and customer service market by a large number, and we aren’t the only one saying so, it has won various awards and recognitions to back the claim. It is amongst the best products within the CRM market and has been one of the best service providers in terms of sales automation, commerce cloud as well as marketing cloud, to name a few. 

VentureDive is amongst the leading Salesforce partners in the industry, providing economical and beneficial commerce solutions to those in need. Salesforce at VentureDive provides end-to-end development services, enabling your project to grow and prosper with the latest technologies attached to it. 

Salesforce has maintained its reputation well within the industry, but a company of this size must have its own flaws as well. Those flaws may not be deep-rooted, but they may also not be everyone’s cup of tea either. So we have them all sorted here, in case you are searching for whether Salesforce is the right fit for your company or not. They are as follows. 



Customizing a service according to your company’s needs are some of the basic and essential features that one needs to look out for. With a fully customized feature, you will be able to make a lot happen within your product, including being able to get extensive reports, analyses of your product, and get the features added within your software the way you like it, branching out further opportunities to grow your business. 


While customization on its own is a great factor within Salesforce, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. And when you tend to over-customize your software, things are bound to run south. It can be due to your employees finding it hard to get a hang of it and unable to configure the various technicalities that were attached to it. All of this can be overwhelming and can lead to an unproductive environment.

Cloud-based functionality


Salesforce being a cloud-based CRM is already a really big benefit for not just the company, but its customers as well. Not only is the cloud-based functionality one of the best and the most cost-effective, but it also happens to be available round the clock, accessible from anywhere we like. Moreover, the cloud is extremely easy to deal with, using simplified configuration and administration. You wouldn’t require a massive team to manage your IT department, making it cost-effective in that regard as well.


Since a cloud-based system is completely reliant on the internet, you must be required to have a strong and stable internet connection at all times. If you face an internet downtime, then that can be a problem for your system. Moreover, your software will be dependent on Salesforce upgrades and downtime too, keeping you on hold for a brief or longer period of time, depending on the longevity. 

Customer Support and Training


Salesforce is known to have a strong community called the Trailblazer which helps users with various issues that they may encounter, along with a functioning support center on their platform. The platform is actively used to encounter every-day issues, kick-start conversations and get a lead on new features that may or may not be included in the new upcoming updates. There are also various online blogs, resources, knowledge articles, reports and analytics available for users to benefit from.


While the Trailblazer community itself is super convenient and self-sufficient, the actual support centers for Salesforce is not upto the mark and fails to timely answer user queries. You can see various unanswered questions on the Trailblazer community. So in order to get a timely consult, you may have to redirect your queries to a third-party user which would increase expenses. 

Pricing and packages


Salesforce is scalable and customizable, meaning that you can adjust your Salesforce pricing package according to your business needs, without it being rigid. If your team decreases or increases, it will be able to cater easily.


Salesforce is expensive, no matter what the package is, the initial setup cost along with integration and customization while including various other apps to support your product, the total cost is bound to go through the roof.

Variety in products for business needs


Salesforce services and features do not end with their CRM only, its expertise lie in various cloud and marketing platforms including effective customer services. It allows users to create apps and customer platforms using Lightning Platform as well as curate complete websites using Salesforce site.com.


More products and services mean a higher bill at the end of the month. Use these features only if your product is in dire need of it. Or else you’ll end up paying a higher cost for no reason.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce is truly a tool of professionals, so in order to get the service, you will have to take a deeper dig at what the service has to offer. Meanwhile, you also need to conduct a thorough study as to what your brand truly needs. Evaluate the requirements and prioritize your demands for a cost-effective solution. 

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