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Satechi Portable Humidifier: A Simple Remedy to That Pesky Cold

With this long, grueling winter we have been having, chances are that a nasty cold has come your way at least once. Sometimes, the simple remedy to a cold is to get plenty of sleep and stay well-hydrated. However, one of the leading causes of colds is that nasty, dry air that comes with a frosty winter. Because of this, humidifiers are very effective at getting rid of most symptoms of a cold. They also help moisten your skin, alleviate snoring, and keep your sinuses open.

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Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

The Satechi is one of the cheapest mobile humidifiers out there. The simplicity is the real catch. It can be powered through either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0–perfect for the office. To set it up, all you need to do is fill a plastic water bottle with purified water and twist it on and you’re good to go. The humidifier will affect an area of up to 16.4 square feet and will power off automatically after eight hours or when you unplug it.

There are also plenty of uses for the Satechi: Of course, when you fill it with warm water, it turns into an effective humidifier, relieving those cold symptoms. Also, if you fill it with cold water, you’ve got a great mister for the summer time. Finally, you can mix liquid fragrances with the water to make an aroma diffuser. To top it off, a dim blue mood light will create a calm environment to make you sleep like a baby.

The Satechi works with any plastic water bottle that has a narrow opening, like Evian bottles. It can also rest on top of a drinking glass, working so long as the wick is fully submerged in water.