Samsung Announces ‘Premiere 2013’ Event for June

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Samsung Mobile will be launching many more devices this June. The company has formally announced ‘Samsung Premiere 2013’ – to be held in London on June 20th.

The event will be held at the Earls Court Exhibition Center in London, and will focus on the company’s Galaxy brand of phones, as well its lesser known Ativ brand. The Ativ brand is what Samsung groups its Windows devices under – that includes Windows Phones, Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets and laptops. The Premier 2013 event is slated to begin at 2PM ET.

Like its previous Galaxy S4 launch in New York City, Samsung will be live-streaming the event on its YouTube channel. Coincidentally, the venue for Premiere 2013 is the same place where the company launched its previous flagship – the Galaxy S3, last year.

The Galaxy S4 Mini, strongly rumored to be launching anytime now, is expected to show up at the event. The Galaxy S4 Active, another strongly rumored device – said to be a more rugged, water-resistant equivalent of its main Galaxy S4 flagship, is also expected to be launched at the event.

As for the company’s Ativ brand, we might get to see new Windows 8 laptops and tablets. There’s no news or reports on any specific Windows device to be launched at the Premiere 2013 event. Samsung’s last Ativ device – the Ativ S Windows Phone, didn’t exactly set the market on fire. Samsung will want to catch up in that market segment with more focus on the brand now. In fact, it was Samsung which first officially announced a Windows Phone 8 device last year.

Interestingly, the event is scheduled just 10 days after Apple’s keynote, which will flag off this year’s WWDC. Apple is expected to show newer versions of iOS and OS X at the WWDC this year, and perhaps even a budget iPhone. Microsoft’s developer conference – BUILD, is also slated to begin within days of the Premiere 2013 event.

So, S4 Mini, S4 active, or a couple of Ativ devices? What are you looking forward to at Premiere 2013?