Run Santa Run: Full Review for Christmas Fun

Everybody is in the Christmas spirit this time of the year. There is happiness and joy everywhere. Well, even the Play store is flooded with X-Mas themed games and apps.

(Check out the video below to see Santa in action)

However, most of these apps and games are actually crap but some are top-notch. Just like the one we’re going to review today, called “Run Santa Run” featuring every child’s favorite, the one and only Santa Claus himself.

The main objective of the game is to deliver as many gifts as you can without falling. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, it isn’t. It gets pretty difficult eventually to keep the game challenging and fun.

The gameplay is very simple and basic. Even a kid will have no difficulty getting used to it. Santa Claus is delivering presents and needs you to help him out in his generous trip. The game takes place in a spherical world where Santa jumps from one roof to another delivering presents to “Good kids”. Not much control to talk about just a tap on the screen will make the Santa jump.

You have to time your jumps carefully as the game progresses, roof-tops start getting smaller, so in order to keep Santa from falling of the building and biting dust (or snow) you’ll have to concentrate on your jumping’s.

Graphics are pretty cute as in Cartoons. Of course, this isn’t a console-like graphically intensive game but still looks pretty decent. The whole game is rendered in 2D but looks more polished than other 2D games. Sounds effects make the game worth playing. Who doesn’t love the “Ho ho ho”? Of course you do and so does Santa when he is delivering gifts.

Download it now. 

It is a runner game so don’t expect extra levels or gadgets but this game keeps you hooked without spending your hard earned money on some crappy in-game purchases. All in all “Run Santa Run” is the perfect game to get you in the Christmas spirit, if you aren’t already. It is available at the Google Play store for free, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Hit the install button and start delivering happiness.

Do let us know if you (or your kid) enjoys it or not.