The Best Facebook Update for Android is Now Available

Facebook for android sucked big time, at least it did until today. As folks over at Facebook have finally decided to bring the most exciting update to the official Android app for the #1 Social Network. The new update makes the app 2x more fast and responsive than the previous version by using native code instead of Webview. Praise the Lord!

The iOS counterpart of Facebook app has always been in the spotlight for its smoothness and faster responses, however on the other hand previous Android version was laggy and sluggish. No more annoying loading times, my fellow Droids. The Facebook v2.0 brings all the decent features from its iOS version to Android. Recently, Facebook even started equipping its employees with Android phones, just in order to test the Android app and improve any performance hitches. Well, whatever Mr.Zuckerberg did this time, it was spot on and the new update has already started getting positive reviews from across the web.

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There is no major UI redesign but you will notice minor changes and the best thing of all, this app is twice as fast as the previous app. It will be twice as fast specifically when people will look at their photos, browse timeline, and of course the built-in chat is much smoother as well. Facebook shared the following on their blog:

We’ve rebuilt news feed, notifications and Timeline for speed

Looks like Facebook is finally paying attention to the Android platform and why wouldn’t it, it’s world’s #1 mobile OS with more than 70% of market share. The new update focuses on speed and smoothness of the app and we’re glad to hear that. We’re pretty sure that the rating for Facebook will go up on Google Play. Positive comments have already started rolling in. Good job, Zuckerberg and Co.

Did you update your Facebook yet? Do you notice the speed difference? Let us know in comments.

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