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Riot Approves Fan-made League of Legends Fighting Game

Have you ever heard of a game called League of Legends? Haha, just kidding, I know you’ve heard of it, this is the internet after all. If you haven’t heard of it, then you should climb out of whatever cave you’ve been living in. LoL not only brought the multiplayer online battle arena to the mainstream, but logs in a whopping 12 million users a day. It’s been out for 14 years now, so it’s a bit surprising that we haven’t had a notable fan game for it until now. LoL will be moving out from the MOBA genre, and over to the well established fighting game arena with League of Fighters.

Fan-Made League Of Legends Fighting Game: League of Fighters

League of Fighters will be putting all your favorite LoL champions into an all new 2d field of justice. As it stands, it looks like the game will be launching with only four or five champions to choose from. Instaburst, the company behind League of Fighters, hopes to drastically expand this roster after its initial release. The next obvious question is, “when will League of Fighters be coming out?” Luckily, Instaburst gives a very direct and concise timeline on their webpage that they summarize as, “Soon(TM).” This may be a let down for those who have gotten excited via the trailer they put out, but it sounds like it’s worth the wait.

So, aside from being a 2d fighting version of LoL, what can we expect from League of Fighters? Instaburst is trying their best to directly integrate the move sets from LoL into League of Fighters. In the trailer, you can spot Annie unleashing all the fury of spells like: disintegrate, molten shield, incinerate, and even Tibbers. Instaburst has also come out and said that every champion has an equal shot at becoming a playable character…except Kog’maw. I don’t know why they hate Kog’maw, but they really seem opposed to putting him in.

Suck it, ryu.
Suck it, Ryu.

If your favorite character doesn’t make it into the game, there is no need to worry. League of Fighters will have a similar assist system to Marvel Vs Capcom, that will allow you to call in another champ to help. This assist system is aptly named “Call for Gank!” It’s nice that they’d not only utilized the LoL IP well, but managed to work in clever references. I really hope scores or combos in the game are ranked from Noob to Pro. As it stands, the planned roster includes Annie, Tryndamere, and Katarina. If you’re hoping your champion makes it in, then why not make the request yourself on their subreddit? I’m personally hoping for Karma, Twisted Fate, Anivia, and Sejuani to make it in.

Riot has even come out in favor of the game, basically endorsing it as long as Instaburst makes no money directly from it. They are allowed to still make money through ads, so that’s pretty sweet for them. That mean that if you have to have ads somewhere in your League of Fighters Game, you’re not allowed to complain. It’s not like they will have any other way to recoup costs. It’s great to see Riot welcoming this LoL cousin with open arms. God knows, nobody wants to see anymore Crimson Echoes style events going down in gaming. *Pours beer on to ground*

Where's nami when you need her?
Where’s Nami when you need her?

Hopefully this will inspire more parties out there to create content inspired by LoL. If anyone decides to make a pen and paper RPG based on it, then please let me know! Like I said, Instaburst can’t make any money from the game itself. That, sadly, means that they can’t accept your money. No matter how discreet or insistent you are, it just isn’t an option for them. I should know, I tried to slip it under their door, only to be met by a giant burny stuffed bear, I’m still aloeing my wounds. It’s free, it looks awesome, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it: League of Fighters.