Review: Like to Rock Out With Your Nethers Out?

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In the past, I’ve gone through some great lengths to listen to music in the shower. From having my phone outside the stall, which leaves much to be desired, to testing various Bluetooth devices that were, more often than not, of poor quality.

Now I don’t mean that they broke, they just didn’t last long on a charge and the volume wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

And then I found the iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker.

Dudes and Dudettes… this speaker ROCKS!

It connected to my phone as easy as possible, the suction cup sticks well (get it slightly wet before sticking to wall), and seriously turned my shower into a mini rock box.

I can crank my phone’s volume to full and there’s not any distortion and I’m telling you, it’s so good and loud you can hear it a couple of rooms away.

I LOVE it.

Now, in full transparency, I did receive mine for free but I will always be honest. So, that being said, I’m not sure about the battery life on this one.

I fully charged it for 3 hours before initial use as directed but it seemed to only last for about 3 showers. Granted we both take long showers and like to jam the entire time, but it seems like you may want to charge it after every other shower just to make sure it’s ready to rock.

Since it’s fully waterproof, pairs with any Bluetooth device, and has a carry strap along with the suction cup, it’s the perfect Bluetooth speaker for the pool, beach, out in the rain, or wherever there may be water. Or anywhere you’d like some music to be honest. 

Another great feature is the phone option. If someone calls while you’re the tub or shower, a quick press of the phone button answers it and connects you with the call. That’s right, it works as a speaker and mic for the phone.

I was truly surprised by this little wireless Bluetooth speaker and I have no doubt that if you snag one for yourself, you’ll be satisfied too.

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