Iclever 3 color backlight bluetooth keyboard

Review: iClever 3 Color Backlight Bluetooth Keyboard

As technology evolves, new gadgets are constantly being introduced to consumers. Tech geeks are always itching to get their hands on the latest new products and adult toys. Of the newer products is the Bluetooth keyboard which allows users to connect and type on their smartphones rather than using the tiny and often hard to use keys when responding to emails and typing messages.

The iClever 3 Color Backlight Bluetooth keyboard is slightly larger than last year’s model and has standard size keys and a less crampy layout while also having the ability to switch from wired connectivity to Bluetooth very quickly with the smaller sized micro USB cable that comes with the keyboard. Its lightweight aluminum design is sturdy, the color changing backlight is nifty and the iClever is compatible and functions well with most smartphones and computer devices.

iClever 3 Color Backlight Bluetooth Keyboard Specs

Iclever 3 color backlight bluetooth keyboard battery life

In terms of size, the iClever is 11.4 X 4.6 X 0.3 inches when folded out and 6.5 X 4.7 X 0.3 inches when folded in. The keyboard is very light and transportable, weighing only 9.12 ounces, although its predecessor is lighter. The keyboard has a hinged case made of high quality brushed matte aluminum which lets you fold it up when you want to but it does not have a locking mechanism that perhaps some would prefer. The keyboard is stabilized on flat surfaces by rubbery pads and flip out feet and the device is non-magnetic so you don’t have to worry about your keyboard sticking to any of your other devices.

The keyboard powers on as you unfold it, the iClever does not have an actual power switch. In the middle of the keyboard are three LED’s, Caps, State, and Power just above the Function keys. When the keyboard is activated, the power indicator blinks then turns off to indicate that your keyboard is on. Whenever you need to recharge, a red flash lets you know that your battery is running low. While you are charging your keyboard, the red light glows until charging is complete. When your keyboard is in pairing mode, the State indicator flashes blue and turns off when pairing is complete. The State indicator also glows green when plugged into a laptop or other compatible device. The compatibility of the iClever is perhaps one reason some may want to buy it, its many uses ultimately justify the cost even though the device is not highly expensive, buyers will not have to purchase USB cables or piece components in order to use and connect to their devices.

Other Interesting Features

Iclever 3 color backlight bluetooth keyboard backlighting

The new color backlighting is a very nice feature addition that lets you pick from three separate colors, -blue, red, and green. The symbols on each key and the outline of each key are illuminated by the color backlighting which is visually pleasing to the eye and may be helpful in lower light and when you can’t find a certain key. The keyboard goes to sleep whenever you let it sit for fifteen minutes and like most devices, tapping a key will wake it up. The rechargeable battery stays charged for 300 hours without the backlight and five hours with the backlight on. The battery can be fully charged in just four hours.

Setup is very easy, the Bluetooth can be paired by unfolding the keyboard and pressing the C and Function key at the same time to activate, then all you have to do is select iClever in the Bluetooth settings menu of your device. If you don’t want to use Bluetooth, you can also use the provided USB cable to connect by wire. To do this, you simply turn on your keyboard and connect the cable from the keyboard to your device. While the keyboard is compatible with iOS, windows devices, phones, Android, phones, and tablets, it does not work with Nokia Devices, Mac Computers, or Windows 8 PC’s.

Iclever 3 color backlight bluetooth keyboardIclever 3 color backlight bluetooth keyboard

So just how well can you type the iClever?  The keyboard’s keys are the same size as a standard keyboard and if you want to type out documents and emails you should have no trouble doing so. The keys are silent while offering a good amount of feedback and resistance. The previous model did not have the row of function buttons at the top that the latest iClever has, certain controls such as Cut, Copy, and Paste can only be activated by pressing the function button.

Should You Buy It? Emphatic YES.

So how has the iClever improved and how does it measure up to the competition? The iClever certainly has improved since last year, with fully adequate connectivity via Bluetooth and USB while the keyboard is larger and provides for more comfort while typing. The aluminum build is sturdy which means it likely will not break in bags and backpacks while the backlighting is simply just cool-looking. If you are wondering if you should buy the new iClever, what you get for the price is fair ($54.99 on Amazon.com) while the keyboard is certainly among the best you can buy on the market today.

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