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Work From Home Growth

Many individuals are working from home to practice social distancing. This social distancing trend is paving the way for remote tools to become a significant mover going forward.

People who didn’t have exposure to players such as Zoom or even gaming will. A few experts even expert a rise in Virtual Reality growth and think that headsets will run out of stock. Now, will everyone switch to a remote lifestyle when this COVID-19 pandemic is over? Not likely. But will they have more exposure to these tools and use them more than before? Quite possible.

This could be more true for those that are addicting, like games and conferences in VR. I will profile a few companies that have been building for remote for some time now. The first company will be that of Remote Hour.

Let’s find out more about Remote Hour and what it is all about in the remote world.

What You need to know about Remote Hour

The company makes a bold claim that states RemoteHour is ten times more seamless than Zoom. I’ve used Zoom and use Zoom for several meetings and have never had any issues with the platform. If RemoteHour truly is more seamless than Zoom that would be an amazing experience.

How Does RemoteHour Work?

It is a web based cloud application.

  1. Navigate to and sign in with your Google account.
  2. Wait one second and then obtain your Remotehour link.
  3. Share that link with others and communicate by going to your room.

From my recent test of the platform, you can talk and share the screen, but you can’t record. Recording is essential for interviews, business meetings, and other components.

Zoom offers recording while Remotehour does not.

Remotehour is simple to set up and execute. No need to download, just sign with Google and hangout.

Remote workers may prefer to have RemoteHour because it signals availability. “No more schedule or request a call. Remotehour allows your coworkers/clients to talk to you when you’re available while working. You can communicate with them like you’re working in the same office.”

I only tested it out with one person, I don’t know if you can have a RemoteHour session with multiple in attendance.

That’s all you need to know about the platform and how it works.

Who is behind Remotehour?

RemoteHour is created by Shun Yamada who is a remote worker himself. In his words “I’m a freelancer. Live in San Francisco, but all my clients are in Tokyo. So, it’s a fully remote job. For the clients and me, to schedule a meeting is hard. My job is a product manager, so I need to manage development teams and report to clients in real-time even though we’re based in different time zones. So, I built Remotehour. You can set up an always-on room with a shred URL. Its status in which you’re available to talk or not is updated automatically and manually.”

It is a nifty tool that solves on specific pain point, letting people contact you while you’re at work. No need to go back and forth on scheduling calls. Just log in and check.

That’s all I have on RemoteHour.


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