Reduce WoW Classic Lag with These Tips!

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Incessant lag is perhaps the worst enemy that can beset an MMO player. It can turn the tables with one ill-timed appearance and have your battles result in utter failures. Other times, it can render the game completely unplayable. What can you do to avoid lag? Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to avoid lag and go back to farming WoW Classic gold or adventuring in Azeroth.

Check Your Internet Connection

Your internet connection is like a highway. Information packets go back and forth your computer and the game’s server. As in real life, if it gets clogged by information from other services or apps (Twitch, Youtube, etc.), internet speed goes down significantly. That results in lag for the game and slow loading times for the other services.

The easiest solution is to close any of those services that could be choking the bandwidth. Unless you’re a streamer, you shouldn’t have any video streaming sites open. Close your browser as well, for good measure. For shared connections (with family or roommates), you might want to play when they’re asleep or otherwise not using the internet. They could be the ones hogging the connection by watching videos or playing a game.

Distance to the server can also be a factor in producing lag. You should choose the servers nearer to your location. That reduces the time your computer can send and receive packets to and from the server.

Sometimes, it’s as easy as power cycling your modems and routers. Turn those devices off (unplug them if they don’t have a switch) and let them remain off for about a minute. Turn them on and wait for the connection to stabilize (represented by the face lights turning a steady green). After that, you can try the game again.

Re-establishing their connections to the internet may fix lingering lag issues plaguing your game. If it persists, there may be a problem on the internet service provider’s (ISP) end. In such circumstances, you’ll have to wait for them to fix the problem. Otherwise, it may be a problem with your computer.

Check Your PC’s Condition

You might have some outdated drivers and components. As the game receives updates, so should your PC. Check and update your drivers. While WoW Classic is technically an old game, it has upgraded to match the latest system specs. You might be experiencing lag since your computer isn’t fit to run the game.

Another possible reason for lag could be your add-ons eating up your computer’s resources. Games need much of your PC’s processing power and RAM. Too many add-ons can limit the amount that the game can use, causing lag. Turn redundant and unused add-ons off or remove them completely.

Related to that, there may be a service or app running in the background that’s interfering with your game. One such example is the ROG Gamerfirst III service of ASUS motherboards. Other graphics cards or motherboards might have a similar service. Turn them off or disable them. Be careful, though, as there are also essential services that ensure the smooth operation of your PC.

If your PC is nearer the minimum end of the game’s system requirements, lowering the graphics settings can help reduce lag. Your graphics card might be having trouble rendering environments and skills in high detail. That means you’ll be trading awesome effects and animations for lag-free gameplay, though.


Anything that’s not covered here could be a problem on the game server’s end. Like problems with your ISP, all you can do is wait until the developers fix it. You’ll be able to tell if that’s so when a great majority of other players are having the same issue.

At any rate, those are pretty much all the methods you could use to avoid lag. With these actions, enjoy smooth gameplay as you farm WoW Classic gold or go on raids for WoW Classic items.

Have fun playing World of Warcraft Classic!

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