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Radar Detector: The Escort Max 360 Has It All

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Escort Radar + Laser Detectors for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Escort max 360, review

Now more than ever traffic tickets have become much more common to the average driver. That is why it may be time to invest in a radar detector to avoid hefty fines that you could have easily avoided. In essence, a radar detector pays for itself in the money you save avoiding traffic citations and red light camera tickets.

If you are in the market for a new or the latest radar detector, the Escort 360 is well worth considering. The device is one of, if not the very best on the market today. It has a multitude of both new and old features designed to provide a comfortable and worry free drive. What this superb piece of radar protection technology is capable of is quite amazing, it has all the tried and true features of older favorites as well as the newest technological innovation additions available. This radar technology is absolutely superlative to all of the latest radar detectors on the market. 

The Escort Max 360’s police radar and speed trap monitoring technology is highly advanced and a great road trip tool that can ensure that you will have the most enjoyable and comfortable ride possible. The device keeps drivers well informed of not only police speed traps but also police camera locations as well. You may be concerned that a radar detector is illegal in your area, however most people do not realize that such devices are only illegal in Virginia and Washington D.C.

Beyond the basics, the Escort Max has even more feature capabilities, from the GPS powered anti-falsing technology that prevents false alerts caused by Vehicle guidance systems of other cars to Air Patrol alerts. The radar even has downloadable threat location information available on your device via the internet.

The Escort Max 360 has tons of features and is super sharp. The seemingly endless list of advanced features is sure to keep drivers out of traffic court as well as happy and secure on shorter drives as well as on long trips. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a radar detector to keep you in check on the road, Geek Insider gets to try this thing out and we will soon be posting a more detailed review of this product. We’ll be touching on all of the features listed above and more. Stay tuned to see exactly what the Escort Max 360 is made of.

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