The Escort Max 360: The Best Radar Detector Money Can Buy

Escort max 360, radar detector, review

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Escort Radar + Laser Detectors for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Most people probably do not realize that radar detector technology has come a long way and so has traffic enforcement. The technological innovations are now better than ever and work wonders in keeping drivers aware of threats that have heightened tremendously. Radar detectors are more useful now than ever and people who do not consider themselves speeders finding themselves being ticketed by red light and speed cameras.

Here’s Why You Need a Radar Detector

Escort 360 packaging, radar detector review

Did you know that one in every three citations are simply erroneous and could have been prevented by a radar detector? A radar detector alerts drivers of unintended speed violations as well as precise tracking of nearby laser guns and police cameras. Just one ticket can cost the individual hundreds of dollars in fines, insurance rate increases, and time off from work which amounts to more than just a $50 ticket. Even the driver with the near perfect driving record would likely be wise in investing in a device that will ultimately pay for itself.

Of all the radar detectors, the Escort 360 is the industry leader. This device helps keep you aware of potential threats in every way possible. Directional arrows indicate where the threat is located while the dual antenna provides front and rear protection, rapidly scanning surrounding threats. The GPS Auto learn technology is another nice feature as false alerts are weeded out. The Digital Signal Processing technology has an impressive range of detection is fast as lightning.

Let’s Try This Thing Out

Radar detector, radar detector technologyWhen first using this device, navigating and adjusting the many features and settings takes a few minutes to get used to and familiar with, however even on your first drive the default settings are set so that you will not be unaware of speed traps and cameras.  Most of the settings are preferential, for example if you are in an area where every traffic light has a red light camera or most of the roads have speed cameras, you can switch the alert settings on and off so that you can enjoy your in-car conversation or favorite radio station.

Escort is so confident in the quality of the product the company offers a Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee on both laser and radar speeding tickets if you buy direct from the factory. The guarantee is warranted and the Escort 360 will not let you down. Whenever there is police monitoring of traffic, the 360 doesn’t skip a beat.


Beyond being a fine and reliable piece of radar detection equipment, the adjustability of the preferences is pretty neat and reflects the smart innovation that Escort has used in designing the very best in radar detector technology available on the market today.

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