Pulling the Plug: Sony to Stop PS2 Production and Shipment

Sony playstation 2With rumors of a new console, the PS4, brewing, Sony has announced, much to the dismay of gamers everywhere, that they are halting production of their long-running PlayStation 2 console. Not only are they stopping manufacture, but Sony has also decided not to ship any more existing PS2s to retailers, turning the consoles that are left in-stock into an endangered species. This decision was particularly unexpected due to one final title that has yet to be released for the console. An add-on for Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin won’t be  released until March of 2013; likely long after the last PS2 is gone from retailer’s shelves.

Any geek worthy of their title remembers sitting outside on the game store sidewalk, waiting for the PS2 to go on sale back when it debuted in October, 2000.  Since that time, Sony has produced and sold over 150 million consoles. The PS2 has not only outsold, but also outlasted all other consoles of that generation by maintaining consistent sales for almost 13 years. According to sales figures, the PS2 is the most popular console of all time and it sports a game library of over 10,000 titles. Since 2000, 1.5 billion games have been sold.

Many credit the success of the PS2 to its ability to play DVDs and also its compatibility with PS1 games. While this may be true, many will argue that the success of PS2 had everything to do with the popularity of its game titles. Every PlayStation junkie remembers their favorite game; the one they picked up at the midnight release only to have it beaten by lunch time the next day. Even though we all have that one game which holds a soft spot in our hearts, according to Sony, the most popular title of all time was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which sold over 17 million copies.

While many PS2 favorites can still be downloaded and played on the PS3 via the PlayStation Network, making those nostalgic gaming all-nighters a reality once again; the demise of the PS2 is truly the end of an era for many gamers. The release of the PS2 console was truly a turning point for the gaming industry, giving the world their first taste of higher quality graphics and playability after years of N64 and PS1.

Even though the PlayStation 2 console is on its way out, there are likely still a few in stock at a retailer near you. Be sure to pick up one of the most popular consoles of all time before it’s too late. You won’t regret it!