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Hp printer security

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The threat of cyber attacks is common knowledge to any computer owner. Responsible owners take precautions to protect their device and the private information within it. Unfortunately, if your computer is part of a greater IT infrastructure, then you are only securing one point of access for these attacks. Hackers are constantly evolving to overcome your efforts for security, and they have found a commonly overlooked weak spot: printers. If you operate a business, even a single unprotected printer can do serious damage. Hackers can gain access to confidential information about your company and can even cause physical damage to your printer. Even worse, other systems in your IT infrastructure are at risk of attack once the printer is breached. The money lost in repairs and from decreased production from malfunctioning equipment can be quite costly. Fortunately, HP offers a way to prevent such devastation through their Managed Print Services.  HP Secure Managed Print Services has unmatched knowledge in print security that can help your business achieve optimum protection by safeguarding against three major threats.

  1. Device Security – Fortify your network with printers that can detect threats and protect against attacks in real-time.
  2. Data Security – Restrict access by unauthorized users to your print network and encrypt your data.
  3. Document Security – Prevent your unclaimed print jobs from falling into the wrong hands.

The below video goes into more detail on how much damage these attacks can cause your company,and  allows you to learn more about what Managed Print Services can do to prevent it.

HP takes pride on their industry-specific focus that gives them an advantage over their competitors in delivering optimal results to your company. Their Managed Print Services will not only boost printer security but will also optimize your business’ printing environment and workflow with their innovative hardware, software solutions, and services. New and reliable printers will cut costs and increase productivity, and IT workers will be less strained and able to focus on other tasks.  Don’t let your company suffer by leaving its IT infrastructure vulnerable. Let it strive from the power of predictability, protection, and productivity delivered by HP Managed Print Services, today.

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