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Preparing for the AP Biology Exam: Tips and Tricks

AP biology is a competitive exam, and you need to have right strategies to go about it. This exam requires you to cover so many bases, so knowing what exactly you need to do to prepare for the exam can be of great use. Studying smartly is the key if you want to get high score. Here is a rundown of some tips and tricks to help strategize your personal studying for AP Biology exam.

Familiarize yourself with the Exam Format:

The first essential step is knowing how the AP biology exam will look like. The exam is consists of two sections, and the total exam time is three hours. Section I and Section II carry 50% of the exam score individually. Section I has multiple choice and grid-in questions that need to be solved in 90 minutes, while the second section consists of two long free-response questions that need to be answered in 90 minutes. Another tip here is to strengthen the section in which you are good. For instance, if you are good at answering multiple-choice questions, work more on that section.

Utilize Prep Resources:

Take advantage of the study materials available for preparing AP Biology exam like Prep books. Study Prep Lounge has compiled the best AP Biology Prep Book reviews to help you find a suitable one for yourself. A prep book can be of great help if you want to boost your chances of getting top scores in the exam. Investing in a review book helps screen the details of the textbooks that are beyond the scope of the exam. They come with chapter reviews, helpful hints, and practice questions. Buy the latest edition designed for the current year.

Keep Track of the Big Picture:

Do not overwhelm yourself by trying to memorize everything about everything. AP Bio involves a lot of facts, dates, functions, and specific names. Keep in mind that you cannot memorize everything! For that reason, it’s essential to strategize your study by keeping in mind the reason why you are studying a certain chapter, the critical concepts involved in it, what they actually contribute to the bigger picture, and how all the concepts connect together. Avoid getting yourself hung up on little details.

Make Flashcards with Diagrams:

Diagrams are an important part of AP Biology. The exam requires you to interpret many of them. Study those diagrams by drawing them on flashcards. Use colors while drawing the diagrams, label the important parts, and list down the steps involved. This trick is beneficial to make the concepts stick in your brain.

Pay Attention in Class:

Make up your mind to pay full attention in the AP Biology class. Even if you feel like the lecture is falling behind in covering the topics, you can still pick up numerous beneficial things in class. This applies to self-learners as well. You can better grasp some biological concepts when they are explained by a pro. Moreover, even if you are studying ahead of your class, you can refresh your knowledge during the lecture.

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