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Prehistoric Park – Review

Everyone loves games where they have to build stuff on their own. Remember Sim City? It was one of the most popular games (I hope it still is) where you build your own city, gathered resources and made sure that residents are happy. Well, if you’re one of those who are interested in games like this then you’ll be glad to know that today we’re going to review, Prehistoric Park, a fun theme park game set in 50,000 B.C.

Prehistoric Park is the pretty similar to other theme park games out there where you have to build a theme park and manage it but this one adds a new twist to the storyline. You don’t have all the fancy rides of today instead you have to make some Stone-age rides out of (umm!) Stones, wood and whatever stuff cavemen used in those days. The main objective of the game is to build a Theme park for your Not-so-High-Tech ancestors who just want a place to have fun.

Controls are simple, as like any other mobile game out there. You start with a basic tutorial that brings you up with the game’s basic know-how. You can keep an eye on your visitors happiness levels and make sure that they stay happy. You can get new rides for your park by using the Silver or Gold coins that you’ll accumulate in the game. Expand your theme park when you’re out of space to make room for extra cool rides that’ll generate more cash. In order to unlock more goodies and rides you’ll have to level up by gathering XP points. Each time you add anything to your theme park you’re granted some XP points.

You can unlock hidden achievements and share them with your friends on Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also view other people’s parks and rate them, that’s a great social add-on and also an inspiration to make your park more fun.

Prehistoric Park is a unique and one of its kind game. It will keep you entertained for hours. It is a must have game for adults and kids alike. You won’t be disappointed with the graphics or the background tune. Everything has been done brilliantly. It’s available for free at Google Play and you should definitely try your hand at building a Theme park in the older age (Jurassic Park?).

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  1. O jogo é excelente, porém a dificuldade de adquirir moedas de ouro sem precisar desembolsar dinheiro limita muito o jogador e o desenvolvimento do parque. Quem quiser me adicionar, meu código é FD81TPW e o nome do meu parque é Elvispolis. Um grande abraço!!!!

    The game is very good, but the difficulty of acquiring gold coins without having to shell out money very limited player and park development. Anyone who wants to add me, my code is FD81TPW and name Elvispolis park. A big hug!!

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