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Planning on Getting Married? This App Wants to Talk You Out of It!

Nope, I’m not kidding.

Marriage is no small undertaking and whether you’ve just gotten engaged or you’re seriously considering popping the question, you may want to consider reconsider. Virtually everyone has second thoughts and in general, there’s good reason why – it’s not for everyone and statistically speaking, it doesn’t work out more often than it does.

That’s one reason why’s “Marriage Interventionists” are standing by to take your call. They have one purpose in mind – to remind you to seriously reconsider marriage.

Whether you’re in the US or UK, their Interventionists are available and a spokesperson of theirs said, “For what you spend during the average marriage – let alone the costly process of divorce – it’s no wonder our members here at prefer to live the Sugar Daddy lifestyle and surround themselves with some of the most beautiful women in the world. Truly, it’s a fraction of the cost of hiring a family lawyer, and all the other costs associated with marriage and the increasingly inevitable likelihood of divorce in this day and age.”

Call them at 

US Hotline: (800) 435-8119

UK Hotline: 0800 046 5520

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