7 Signs a Game Will Probably Disappoint You

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You can sometimes tell that a game will be a great disappointment after playing for a few minutes or hours. But, worrisomely, getting your money back can be an unimaginable nightmare after the subscription stage. Of course, this is not the case in every situation, but even if it is the case in some situations, that is something that you want to avoid or minimize in your life.

Most digital platforms do not include a ‘refund’ option for customers who download the game and play it for a few minutes or hours. Similarly, some retail stores may not refund the disc version you acquired unless it is damaged.

Nonetheless, you can save yourself this unfortunate hassle by identifying these seven signs that a game will disappoint you.

#1 No gameplay for trailer “play.”

Always look for the “gameplay” whenever you watch a developer’s “game theater .”Acknowledge that the game will be a disappointment if the developer uses pre-rendered visuals or flashy cinematic tricks to distract you. These elements will never reveal the actual gameplay in the real sense and are only used as false advertisements.


#2 The game uses play-to-win mechanics

Play-to-win mechanics should be clear warning signs that the game will disappoint in the long run. Be wary of the game if the developer indicates that they have incorporated some microtransactions to give you some advantage. Too many microtransactions can create issues because it means you may have to pay for more aspects over time.


#3 Buggy Betas

Has the developer released a Beta to the public for testing but reveals the challenges and bugs you are likely to experience? Then the game may probably not work. In most cases, Betas will be buggy. However, you don’t have the room to question the developer because they want to identify the kinks before the final release.


#4 You are facing multiple delays

Delays are not always bad as they may signify the weak areas of the game and the need for developers to start fixing the platform. However, multiple delays could be clear warning signs of a troubled development cycle. Facing delays should clearly warn that the game will be a disappointment.

#5 Presence of gameplay reveals near the release date

The game will probably disappoint you if you still view the scripted gameplay reveals near the release date. It is an excellent idea for gaming companies to present live demos. However, gameplay reveals may be a wake-up call as the developer could be hiding something.

#6 The gameplay focuses on a lot of graphics

Go for a game that is not a visual masterpiece but plays excellently. There is a possibility that the developer puts a lot of energy into creating a beautiful game instead of an enriched interactive experience if the gameplay focuses on graphics.


#7 Last minute reviews

A game with rushed reviews is most likely to disappoint you. Only go for games whose reviews have been released a few days before the actual release date. This will give you enough time to interact with the platform. Of course, this is not always easy because some games you want to play as quickly as possible because of the hype.


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