Pfizer Is Making a Booster Shot To Fight Against The COVID-19 Delta Strain

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Pfizer and BioNTech are racing forward in creating a booster shot to fight against the delta strain. As more reports come about as to the rise in cases and spikes in COVID-19 in different areas, that provides more credence to their return on investment. They know that there will be a certain level of demand for these products due to the various spikes in different places.

The pharmaceutical firm will likely start its clinical trials in the coming months. It will be joined by other companies like Moderna who will also join the vaccine race to create booster shots to keep the virus at bay.

Pfizer released a press release earlier this month noting that it would work with its partners to target this strain so the firm could provide added protection against this new strain. The companies would alter their mRNA vaccine to target the specific strain with by modifying the sequence of the mRNA.

The pharmaceutical companies are looking for regulatory approvals to move forward with the trials. They have a set of vaccines for variants ready to go and now seek to follow the different procedures to go from creation to distribution.COVID-19

More Reports Come Out With Breakthrough COVID-19 Cases

More reports come out each day about groups of vaccinated people that saw another COVID-19 infection. Of these groups of vaccinated people that see re-infections, some die and others may find themselves sick for a while.

Experts are now calling for individuals to take proper precautions as they go about their lives. These precautions can include washing your hands, wearing an air filter mask and other protections, and avoiding unnecessary large gatherings. Reports indicate the current strain could be more transmissible than others.


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