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The Origin of Rob Multari’s Snow Paw

Cirilla “Cirray” MacKinlay is a strong-willed farm girl, born and raised in the Scottish Highlands during the 19th century, who dreams about a life of adventure. Upon discovering her Pureblood Monoki werewolf lineage, Cirray’s eyes are opened for the first time to the existence of supernatural beings and creatures of Fantasy. With the aid of Silver Mane, a fellow Pureblood Monoki, Cirray must find her place in the world while training to master her lycanthropy in order to battle the Dark Covenant of the European region, led by the malevolent Mongrel Monoki, Grim Fang.

Cirray MacKinlay is Snow Paw!

Snow Paw is a favorite character for many who have been reading Night Wolf and were introduced to her in issue three. Wolf Pack fans have been howling for Snow Paw’s story ever since. Rob was inspired to pen Cirray’s tale because he wanted to create a strong character that his daughter could enjoy while introducing a new generation of comic book readers into his world of werewolves, fantasy, and lore. This was his opportunity to bring Snow Paw’s origin story to life, set over 200 hundred years before the events of Night Wolf.

Rob multari, lone wolf comics, comic books, indie comics, night wolf, snow paw,
Kickstarter, comics, comic books, indie comics, indy comics, crowdfunding
Launch in October, 2021

RAGIN’ With…

Our RAGIN’ team had the opportunity to sit with Rob in June, 2021, when he launched Night Wolf. He sat with our Associate Editor, Meredith Loughran, and talked about his creative journey, some of the challenges and benefits of being an indie creator.

RAGIN’ Review

Going back 200 years into the Scottish Highlands, we are immersed in a world far different from our own modern-day experience, and yet some things remain timeless. Multari does a fine job of depicting the family dynamic at MacKinlay Farm. Everyone has a distinct voice and they are relatable. I recognize the hard-working father who wants what’s best for his family; the loving, warm calm of the mother, and the determined, almost grown-up banter as Cirray argues with her father.

The eldest daughter, Cirray, is very headstrong and determined. We quickly understand that she is capable of taking care of herself and doing what must be done especially when faced with an unwanted betrothal.

Cirray feels like her life will never be the same; that her yearning for travel and adventure will be lost once the shackles of marriage bind her. But not one to shirk from her responsibilities, she accepts her fate and finds herself pleasantly surprised by what the future will bring.

Rob multari, lone wolf comics, comic books, indie comics, night wolf, snow paw,
Rob multari, lone wolf comics, comic books, indie comics, night wolf, snow paw,


I can tell you there is a sharp turn of events that will forever change her – when Cirray becomes Snow Paw.

It took me about a page or two to embrace the written edition of a Scottish brogue, thus my imagination assigned the voices of Bram, Cirray’s father, to Sean Connery (007); James, her fiance, to William Nathan Boyd (Lord of the Rings), and Grim Fang voiced by Jeremy Irons (The Lion King), who is, in my opinion, the perfect voice for this villain.

I mention the assignment of voices because the characters are dynamic with a strong foundation for more character development as the series continues. And as long as I don’t need to read it aloud, their dialogue absolutely requires the Scottish lilt and brogue to full immerse one’s self into Snow Paw’s 19th century world.

The look and feel of Snow Paw is vastly different from what we’ve come to enjoy from Night Wolf. The colors are brighter and the bold outlines give me the reverent feel of stained glass art. Mog Park’s line work is a blend of her signature fine details in expression, landscapes, and architecture.

Rob choosing Mog Park for her first interiors is everything I could have hoped for in a story that I’ve felt was long overdue.

Nita Lanning – RAGIN’ AvC

Meet Rob Multari

Having struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyslexia, it’s been a dream for Rob to be in the comic book business. He attributes comic books for helping him learn to deal with his learning disability. At 14-years-old, he wrote fan fiction for the X-Men and submitted it to Marvel in hopes that Stan Lee would read it – and got a rejection with a dose of encouragement. By the time he was 16-years old, Rob began creating Night Wolf.

He was inspired to attend art school at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Applied Media Arts.

I have always loved any werewolf or supernatural related entertainment in movies, video games, etc. I didn’t feel like there were any comic books out there doing werewolves any justice, so I decided to make a comic book based on a werewolf anti-hero myself. While self-publishing the first five issues of Night Wolf I realized that the Wolf Pack (myself included) really loved the character Snow Paw and wanted to see more of her story. Snow Paw is such a great character that she deserves her own series and that’s why we are here, to bring her story to life!

Rob Multari

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Meet Mog Park

Mog Park is a fulltime freelance comic book artist, illustrator, and visual developer. Mog was born and raised in Seoul, Korea before immigrating to the United States. She’s earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. Since then, Mog has sold many commissioned and contracted works locally and internationally. Recently, she has been making waves in the comic book community with gorgeous cover art!

Mog is best known for her stunning History and Lore illustration work for the hit TV HBO series Game of Thrones. Some of her other notable gigs were cover art for Big Dog Ink’s Penny For Your Soul and Wicked West, Source Point Press’s Claim, Mount Olympus’s Samurai Oz and Patriotika, Kurt Zauer’s Spectress & Sabanion, as well as game design for Antimatter Games’ Deep Wars and many more. Mog is the brilliant illustrator behind the Snow Paw comic book series.

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Other Team Members

Bruna Costa – Colorist

Dave Lentz – Letterer

Carlos Herrera – Cover Artist

Katrina Roets – Story Editor

Mel Gomdori – Creative Editor

More About Lone Wolf Comics

Lone Wolf Comics is an independent start up character-based entertainment company, and home to titles such as Night Wolf, Snow Paw, Crimson Dawn, Redemption, and Arcane. Lone Wolf is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lone Wolf Media Entertainment, Inc. Lone Wolf has a growing library of over 50 characters with plans to be featured in a variety of media. Lone Wolf utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

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Rob Multari’s Snow Paw is launching on Kickstarter on October 13, 2021.

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