How to Personalize Your Mac to Represent You More

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Personalizing mac computer

One thing people love to do with their products and services is to personalize them. People absolutely love it when they can make something their own, and believe it or not, that only takes a couple of minutes when it comes to a Mac computer. There are a few very easy things you can do in order to personalize the appearance of your Mac computer. Not only will it look like brand new, but it will also make you enjoy navigating the system a lot more, since you get the same feeling you did when you first bought it. Now we’re going to jump straight into our top tips, so you can personalize your Mac according to your own wishes.

Put Up a Fresh Wallpaper

Just like in your home, having a new wallpaper on your home screen can help rejuvenate the atmosphere by quite a bit. It can make a world of difference for someone that’s been rocking the same old image for the past month, or even year. There are big online collections on which you can explore, in order to find the best wallpapers that suit your style. When you find something after your own taste, you can simply download it and set it as your wallpaper from General/Desktop and Screen Saver/Desktop.

Getting a New Theme

A theme represents a series of visual cues which change depending on which theme you are using. Macs come with the default theme and an alternative “Graphite” theme. You can select this theme from System Preferences> General> Appearance. You will see that once you change your Mac’s theme, your window bars and buttons will get a new tint. This can work great with whatever wallpaper you are using. On top of that, you can also use individual app themes in order to create a more dynamic environment on-screen.

If you’d like to make multiple modifications and save them, you can also create custom themes on Mac computers which will allow you to save a certain configuration as a preset. If you like switching between multiple themes, you can just select one of your presets instead of having to go through all the changes each time.

Using a Custom Login Screen

On Mac computers, the login screen can be traced back to a .png image file located in the Caches folder. The file is named, and in order to create a custom login screen, you just need to replace that file. First off, decide what image you’d like to see when you log on. Next, rename that image file to (make sure it’s a .png). The last step is to replace the original .png file with the custom one you’ve created. Make sure to back up the original however, just for good measure.

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