OUYA Will be at E3…. In the Parking Lot!

The Kickstarter funded $99 console with Android as its OS, yes, I’m talking about OUYA, has been confirmed to showcase at E3 2013 next month. However, there is a catch, the OUYA Team won’t be holding a press event at E3. They don’t even have a booth at the convention to showcase the console. Well, how are they going to show up at E3 then, you ask? The OUYA team will set up their booths in a parking lot right across from the convention’s south hall.

Ouya gaming console

OUYA at E3 2013

We are still not sure why the team opted to choose a parking lot over the main convention, but as far as we know, this could be a financial matter. The team may not have enough funds to afford a booth at the show, and to be honest, for a project funded by a large crowd, it’s disappointing. They should have created a Kickstarter project to fund their entrance at E3.

Kellee Santiago, the head of developer relations at OUYA said the following in a press release:

Our location is a parking lot directly across from the Convention Center’s South Hall (address is 601 W. Pico Blvd.) OUYA will be present for all three days of the event, and we’ll provide everything you’ll need to put on a killer game demo. OUYA console…check, controllers…check, TV…check. We’ll also make sure that you’re fed and have plenty to drink while you’re onsite because hydration and nutrition are key. 🙂

You’ll be able to demo your games to media, E3 attendees and random people on the street who want to see what all the buzz is about. We’re going all out to ensure we get the best equipment, and we’re also engineering it with the elements of an outside location in mind. We’re confident this will turn out to be an awesome event that you and your teams will be proud of!

This might be a little bit of disappointing news for those who were looking forward to the Android console at E3 but, hey, it’s not that far off. Best of all, they have free food!

It’s a mature decision by OUYA to not show up at E3, because lets face it, with the likes of Xbox One and PS4 owning the floor, OUYA has no chance to shine at the event.

So, are you excited about OUYA’s parking lot gig? let us know