Online Casino Games You Might Not Have Heard of

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Online casinos are growing in popularity. It seems that each year, the interest in online gambling increases drastically. In 2023, iGaming saw its best year yet, with many people flocking to these websites and apps to play their favorite games.

While we understand why one might be interested in the classics, online casinos have made it possible to access a wide variety of games that many gamblers might not have previously heard of. In this article, we would like to take a look at online casino games that have managed to slip under most fans’ radars.


Though westerners have likely never heard of this game, Japanese gamblers are all too familiar with pachinko. It is a relatively simple mechanical game, reminiscent of the omnipresent slots. However, to compare it to slots would be an understatement. 

In reality, the game combines mechanics from both slots and pinball, to create a wholly unique experience. In Japan, pachinko machines are mostly viewed as arcade games, and they’ve been around for years as a subversion of the strict Japanese gambling laws.

Pachinko games put a fun, new spin on low-stake, low-strategy gambling. However, as most western gamblers are unfamiliar with them, you will rarely find one at land-based casinos. Online casinos on the other hand are a different story. Many have begun carrying pachinko machines, and the game has been gaining a lot of attention online.

Fishing Games

Fishing games, or fish table games are the hot new thing in online casinos. Apparently, it seems that gamers are much more likely to visit online casinos. In an attempt to appeal to a new customer base, online casinos came up with the idea of creating a “unique video game.” Thus, fish table games were born.

The way these games work is very simple. Heavily inspired by old-school shooters like Space Invaders, fish table games see the player take the role of a sunken ship or an underwater fisherman. The goal is to harpoon as many fish as possible, each of which is worth different sums of cash.

Fish table games play exactly like you’d expect a video game to play. They have levels, bosses, and even a final stage. Whether they’ve been successful in attracting a larger gamer fan base is debatable. What is true is that they are getting quite a bit of traction at online casinos. 

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is simplicity incarnate. The game comes to us from China, and has a long and storied history. After all, dice games have been played in China for thousands of years. Sic Bo might be most reminiscent to the western Craps. However, the game does come with a unique set of rules that distinguishes it from its counterpart.

A dealer throws three dice on the betting table, and gamblers wager on the outcome. It really is as simple as that. Sic Bo is a staple of Chinese casinos, like the ones found in Macau. However, in Europe and the USA, the game is not nearly as popular. That is why online casinos have popularized it online.

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