Mota JETJAT the Mini Drone

The Mota JetJat was listed on Amazon’s Toy List and even came in the finalist spot for 2017 in Toy of the Year by Toy Fair. JetJat offers ULTRA adventure that everyone can enjoy and not just kids.

But I would note that it is best for children.

The mini drone comes with an app for users to be able to take advantage of other features such as taking pictures and capturing videos which they can save on their smartphone. 

JetJat Autopilot Features

The JetJat comes with autopilot features. The device has a set of unique features that help hone the user’s skills to expert level status, and this is why the brand can say it enables you to take off to new heights

You can connect the drone to your phone to take pictures or to use it for complete control over the device. It connects easily via Wi-Fi to show you a real-time display of the surroundings of the mini drone. The tool is excellent for beginners, and unlike many other drones that are sold in kits, this one does not require any assembly. 

Moto JetJat can hover on its own. Its controller grips are created for intuitive control and a natural feel. It is excellent for indoors and outdoors and helps you record memories from angles you never thought possible. Experts recommend this mini drone for hikes and beach parties. 

You can even use it to take a collective selfie with majestic scenery as your backdrop; you are the pilot, you get to decide. 


Now, I still don’t have a single drone yet, and I think I need to get one pretty soon. The reason why I like this drone is that it seems to pack substantial value and comes at a great price. I also found out that the device is VR capable, allowing you to become a little more hi-tech.

You can use this device and have fun with friends as well as accessing some cool features like one-touch flight and landing.

This drone fits in the palm of your hand and fits in snugly into the controller itself. Like I said, this is not your regular drone, it’s quite likely a starter drone.

Remember to start with drones outdoors, you’ll find that you can get better at controlling these devices without having to bump into many different obstacles like you would indoors. It takes some time for newbies to learn how to use these drones so give yourself more than 30 minutes to really get a feel for these inventions.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks.

This cool toy lasts for about 5 minutes before you have to recharge, so you’ll want to take that into consideration before you make a purchase.

There’s probably much better drones out there. I saw that this one got awards and thought that this was would be worthwhile.

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