Cinemood Offers Movie Theater Experiences on the Go


The Cinemood is a portable movie theater device that allows you to carry your cinematic storytelling everywhere you go. The device is pocketable, being only 3 inches in size, and will come weighing only half a pound. The best thing about the invention is that it is kid-friendly and is easy to use as well with directional button controls. 

Professionals call it a smart projector.


Cinemood has a built-in projector that can project a screen of around 12 feet in a dark environment. You can take it outdoors for movie night without going through the hassle of needing to connect it to an outlet. 

The Cinemood is pretty cool because it comes with pre-loaded Disney content, in addition to e-books, and other videos.

Pretty cool, right?

That’s not all.

The invention also comes with 16GB of internal memory, making it excellent for a variety of entertainment content.

Cinemood Lasts 

Cinemood has up to 5 hours of battery life, which means you can easily make it through 2 feature films on this device without having to recharge it. Remember that device the manufacturers made sure to cater to a demographic that required entertainment during camping trips, on long trips, and when hosting outdoor gatherings

Since Cinemood projects on surfaces, and it is an excellent way of consuming content while also giving your eyes a break from the harsh blue light of computer, TV, phone, and tablet screens. 

Cinemood Critical Aspects

Cinemood retails for $359 at Amazon and comes with a one year guarantee, 30 days refund, and a digital library. 

Since Cinemood caters to all ages, it incorporates an educational library by Disney. It harbors 40 ebooks and 25 short videos and cartoons. Kids will love the myriad of series, story eBooks, and shadow puppets. 

Once you turn on the device, the menu screen lets you access streaming services such as Netflix, and Amazon Prime so that you can enjoy them directly while using the invention. If you don’t have internet or Wi-Fi where you plan on using Cinemood, it also comes with a download option for streaming services so that you can watch the movies and shows offline. 

So instead of going to a traditional movie theater, become the cinema theater and watch content at your favorite location outdoors. You know, switch it up a little bit and make life a little more interesting.

Devices like this one allow for a variety of options no matter where you are, with the download option, and pre-loaded content, you can be sure minimize your boredom.

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