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Mobile Use Increasing Steadily

Mobile use on the rise with gamers

Online gaming or e-gaming popularity has seen an exponential rise and has become a global business. This is mainly due to the advancement of mobile technology and promotion by social media.

In the UK it is estimated that roughly half the population play games and that is a massive 31.6 million of us. Out of that number just under six percent of people are willing to spend money on those games, and on average they spend in the region of $200 a year.

UK players tend to spend longer playing with an average of eight hours a week to the Germans spending on average seven hours a week, and the French just under seven hours a week.

It’s not only the e-gaming industry that has rocketed in popularity. The online gambling industry has also seen a massive rise in usage with software providers and operators placing emphasis on delivering mobile friendly interfaces with great features on sites like

Mobile Access is a Necessity

If we take a look at the growth of mobile gambling over the UK market, we can soon see how much mobile devices are now an integral part of our busy lives. With more and more players using mobile devices there’s a growing pressure on operators to meet customer demands for mobile access, and this had a direct influence on the mobile gambling market.

Also the spread of Wi-Fi networks and the increase in affordable smartphones and other mobile devices throughout the world has had a massive effect on the gambling industry.

This explosion of mobile gambling has spread into the iGaming industry and as it is so much simpler to have a bet on your mobile than waiting to get home to complete on your computer.

Not only that but the range of bets and games that are available on your mobile has increased to such an extent that you can find all the popular choices right at your fingertips whenever and wherever you choose.

The Ease of Playing and Buying Games

Luckily for us gone are the days where we had to suffer games crashing halfway through and needed a magnifying glass to see the games. Now we can play on bigger screens and enjoy HD quality graphics, excellent video clips, and smooth audio to help our games playability.

Paying for games has also been made much more easy as you can now pay using your phone bill. This means that you can either have your bets added onto your monthly bill or deducted from your pay as you go account.

There is usually a £30 daily limit which might restrict some players but this is in place to minimize the effect of losing your mobile plus it helps to keep a check on your spending too.

The future is bright for all electronic entertainment and an exciting time and for any serious player in the market.

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