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The Mobile Game Trends Making Waves on Our Smartphones Today

by Emily Crews
mobile gaming trends

The Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are jam-packed with great mobile games today. Smartphone gamers are increasingly having their thumbs kept busy with games that are genuinely beginning to rival console games for playability and value for money.

However, a large chunk of mobile game releases aren’t worth your time and money – particularly given that more than 600 app games are submitted to the App Store every day – but this article is designed to make you aware of the leading smartphone game trends available on Android and iPhone devices that offer the best in terms of storyline, graphics quality and overall entertainment.

Nintendo-Published Games

With ambitions to release up to three mobile games a year, Japanese games console giants Nintendo are getting in on the act now too. Following the universal success of Pokemon GO, Nintendo has unveiled a string of other popular mobile titles, notably Super Mario Run, which hit iOS and Android screens in December 2016 and March 2017 respectively. Utilising the New Super Mario Bros. artwork style, its minimalist gameplay captures the essence of the old-school retro titles that are increasingly popular among gamers.

Nintendo is reportedly also planning the release of an app game based on the Legend of Zelda franchise, which would certainly be more difficult to pull off given the complex nature of the Zelda series – but would also speak to the thousands of fans across the globe.

Mobile Slots Action

Slot machines are still the most popular casino game on the planet and they’re also among the most accessible casino app games on our smartphones. The top mobile online slots sites 2017 list contains gameplay reviews of all the leading slots games available to Canadian gamers, with Canadian-themed games and exclusive bonus structures aimed at Canadian users.

For thrill-seekers and those seeking a casino game that’s easy to pick and play from minute one – requiring little in the way of strategy – mobile slots tick all the right boxes. Many of the leading iGaming brands are developing mobile slot games powered by the same functionality as major online casino websites, guaranteeing a fun touchscreen gaming experience with engaging visuals and sounds.

For instance, check out this Thunderstruck 2 online slot review, which is developed by Microgaming and is the sequel to the original Thunderstruck slot game released in 2010. Regarded as more of a “classic” slot game than many of the other video slot games, Thunderstruck 2 still has a formidable following due to its timeless gameplay.

Tactical Strategy Games

There’s no two ways about it, mobile strategy games are also ruling the roost across all smartphone devices. Not only do they challenge the mind, it adds a layer of competitiveness that games enjoy; being able to outwit other players online and combat conundrums with great satisfaction. In fact, you could say that strategy games are among the oldest type of game in the history of the human race.

For sci-fi geeks, look no further than Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy out on iOS. This turn-based epic puts players in command of their own human fleet battling an alien invasion, requiring meticulous planning of fleet attacks to suppress the enemy. Meanwhile, those who spent their misspent youth building empires and civilisations on desktop PC strategy games will also adore Civilization Revolution 2 out on both Android and iOS. With the option of recreating historical points in ages gone by or engaging in longer campaign modes, it’s a highly successful mobile strategy game.

The latest Global Market Games Report indicates that some 2.2bn mobile gamers will be active in 2017, generating revenue approaching $109bn. It’s an exciting time for mobile app developers and gamers alike.

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