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Play Retro Games on the Go!

If you own an Android phone then you know it’s great for playing games. What if you want to play a retro game? Where do you go? Are there any options to play them on the go on your phone? We’ve got all the answers for you in this article.

You will need the emulator and choose the ROM you want to play an old game. You go there, choose the games you want and download them. Everything would be too simple if there weren’t any questions or troubles about this matter though.

Pac man retro games

Common Problems With Retro Games

What unites all the players is the screen size and resolution. If you own a five-inch or bigger display, you can start playing without any problems. If your screen is small, you should carefully choose the title you want to play. However, you can relax if you want to play Pac-Man on the smaller display, you can do it on almost every type of Android device.

If you want to play a game with tiny characters on the screen and you have big fingers, you’d better choose to play the game on your laptop or at least a tab. Fortunately, there’s a wide choice of them on the market if you don’t already own one. Another thing is the compatibility with the OS. When choosing a ROM, you can sort the list of the titles so you can see only the ones that you can use on your Android phone. Keep in mind that there might be your favorite games that you cannot play on the go.


Some Legal Aspects

If you use a ripped copy of the game and share it with others, you break the law and you may have serious problems because of it. If you have a legal copy of the game at home (a cartridge or a CD), you can use a copy of it on your Android phone. You don’t break the law in this case. However, giving the copy to your friends is illegal, so be careful with that.

We want to warn you about the sites where you can download emulators and Roms. Many of these do not simply offer free copies of the game, but also a few trojans and other malware as a bonus. If you don’t want to make your phone a home for viruses, you should carefully choose the site. You can read the reviews, check if there’s the support team online, etc. Don’t forget that playing games can evoke deep feelings from your childhood or young age, so it may be quite addictive.


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