May’s Bookcase Club Box is Filled with Adventure

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Bookcase club teenage dream box may 2017

It’s May! Summer is quickly approaching, and with it comes warm weather reading. With BookCase.Club, you can receive to specially hand-picked novels on your doorstep every month! That’s right–no ordering and waiting, and no leaving the house. All you have to do is go to their website and choose which genre you would like to receive. Then, every month you will receives your books. There are so many great options, and the mystery is half the fun!

This month I am reviewing the “Teenage Dream” case. This is the young adult box from BookCase.Club, and May’s crate did not disappoint. In this month’s Teenage Dream BookCase Club crate, you will find amazing tales of mystery, fantasy, and adventure. This month’s books were Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong, and The Diviners by Libba Bray. The following summaries will give you a taste of each book.

‘Sea of Shadows’


If you enjoy stories of thrilling suspense and action-packed adventure, as well as the supernatural, this book will soon make it to the top of your reading list!

Sea of Shadows follows two sisters, Ashyn and Moria, as they enter the Forest of the Dead and embark and a terrifying journey. They must silence the raging souls of the dead. However, this time, the souls won’t be silenced.

The sisters are soon ambushed and are taken from one another. They must find their way back to each other and travel the monster-ridden wasteland to a dark secret that will change their lives forever.

This novel sounds full of suspense and moments that will keep me on the edge of my seat. I’m excited to learn what secrets will unfold with these two sisters.

‘The Diviners’


If you like period pieces set in the Roaring Twenties AND fantasy fiction, then this book is perfect for you!

The Diviners follows Evie O’Neill as she is sent to New York City after being exiled from her hometown. The thrill and excitement of the city is enticing, but living with her uncle isn’t exactly the most fantastic thing in the world, as he has a fixation on the occult. This in and of itself would be concerning to any niece living under his roof, but the fact that Evie has a supernatural secret she’d like to remain hidden makes things even more complicated.

Things take a controversial turn for Evie when she realizes she can help her uncle solve a murder mystery with this supernatural power. This story has intensity, mystery, fantasy, and excitement all wrapped in an exciting era of history.

I am looking forward to diving into The Diviners and discovering what mysteries it holds

Once again, the BookCase.Club “Teenage Dream” box brought it for the month of May. I love receiving these books every month and look forward to the next round! If you are interested in receiving your own box, take a look at the Bookcase Club subscription options. It’s a service we highly recommend. Happy reading!

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