Jason Bateman’s Role in Netflix Series ‘Ozark’ Might Surprise You

Jason Bateman will star on Netflix once again, but this show is no Arrested Development. Titled Ozark, the new show is looking to be much darker than the comedies we’ve seen him in, previously. Details on the plot line are still a bit vague, but Bateman’s character is caught up in mess involving a money laundering scheme and a debt owed to a drug lord you really don’t want to owe money to. Unfortunately, his wife (Laura Linney) and two kids are also caught up in the drama as they all are uprooted to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri (hence Ozark). 

Even if the exact details about the show are a little fuzzy, the trailer released by Netflix pretty much guarantees the presence of drama and violence. Let’s hope Bateman is up to this new role, especially since he is participating in directing the show on top of starring. The first season of Ozark will contain 10 episodes and is scheduled to be released on July 21. You can check out the trailer below. 


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