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Mobile Edge Unboxing – April

by Matthew Harris
Mobile Edge Virtual Con

We’re proud to announce that we’ve started a partnership with our new friends over at MobileEdge.com and while you can watch the official unboxing video on our YouTube channel, I wanted to show all the cool swag they sent over. Especially since we’ll be giving it away this weekend at Geek OutVirtual Con.

If you’re into eSports or even just serious about your gaming, Mobile Edge enables you to look sharp and travel smart while giving your gear the protection and style it deserves. I know a lot of you out there have dropped some serious coin on your gaming equipment and these folks give you the means to protect it, without breaking your wallet.

PLUS… they’ve got a lot of great gear to help make sure your gaming can be at the top of your, well…. game.

And this month they loaded us up. Check it out…

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Gear

This Gel Wrist Rest is designed to help you maintain proper ergonomics while using your keyboard to slash/snipe/and stalk your way to victory. It measures 18.5″ X 4″ X.875 with a foam core that provides a perfect level of firmness.

Of course it has a rubber base for anti-slip coverage, but the cover is also made with an easy to clean fabric and the whole thing has a dual-locked stitched frame to prevent fraying. In other words, it’s built for comfort as well as durability.

Next up…

The pro-style precision Mobile Edge Core Gaming Mousemat XL is an impressive 32.5″ X 15″ and provides that all-important ultra-smooth fabric for mouse-performance optimization. These guys know how serious gaming is these days and while this Core Gaming Mousemat is extra large for enhanced gameplay, it also easily rolls up for portability.

And one thing EVERY gamer needs…

This 25oz double-wall, 18/8 stainless steel Concord h2go thermal water bottle stands 9.5″ with a beautiful black finish and the Core Gaming brand. A copper vacuum insulation helps reduce temperature transfer, giving you up to 12 hours of hot drinks and 24 hours of cold, and the threaded stainless steel lid is connected with a retaining loops, helping alleviate drops and accidental spills.

Of course just about anyone would be thrilled to get just these 3 things in the mail, but Mobile Edge doesn’t do anything halfway.

The New Mobile Edge Gaming Backpack

There is a LOT to this Core Gaming Backpack!

Of course my picture doesn’t do this justice by any stretch of the imagination. It was designed specifically for gamers and will hold all popular models of gaming laptops with up to 18″ screens and all your gaming accessories. It has a molded-plastic front panel to help protect your tech and padded Air-Mesh shoulder straps, a ventilated back panel, a trolley strap, and checkpoint-friendly design to make traveling with your gear as smooth as possible.

An external USB ChargePort with built-in charging cable and three large storage sections that are prewired for a power bank or external battery ensures that you can continue gaming uninterrupted, including a fleece-lined pouch for a tablet or e-reader and a large section for files or personal items. There’s also a headphone holder, four different side pockets for accessories such as cables, your mouse, phone, and even your water bottle, and a zippered front organizer.

The list of features on this Core Gaming Backpack is more than a little impressive. Take a look at some of the specs of this beauty.

  • Ext Dimensions – 19.5″ x 17″ x 9″
  • Weight – 4.2 lbs
  • Holds computers up to 17.3″ and 16.8″ x 11.7″ X 2″
  • ScanFast Computer Compartment
  • Integrated Tablet Pocket
  • EZ Charge External USB Port
  • Lifetime Warranty

Like I said, there is a LOT to this Core Gaming Backpack from Mobile Edge.

And just think, some lucky Geek is going to walk away with it this weekend (well, after I ship it to them that is).

We were really excited to be partnered with MobileEdge.com and from the looks of this first round of gear, it’s definitely a partnership that we can be proud of. And it’s definitely some gear you can be proud to own.

Check out the unboxing video for a better look at the gear and of course visit our new friends over at Mobile Edge to give your gaming gear and mobile tech devices the protection you need.

Look sharp and travel smart with Mobile Edge… Bring it on.

Mobile Edge

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