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Microsoft is releasing some incredible features that will bring in more users. What are they doing? In a new video, the company states that they help you to make more of your time by “combining premium office apps with innovations in Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, and Family Safety. This means that the team at Microsoft is looking to improve simplify applications such as Powerpoint and providing better features so you “can make the most of your time.”

What a great time to release something like this, right? Everyone is sitting home and binging on Netflix before closing out their semesters at school online. Others are working from home and would like to organize their life in a more simple way.

As more work remotely and seek to adjust to this lifestyle, streamlined tools can help boost productivity and personal impact. Microsoft is leaning into the narrative of staying connected and staying organized even while the world might be in disarray. From a recent Microsoft post “over the past few weeks, we’ve shared what Microsoft is doing to help organizations, employees, teachers, parents, and students in these challenging times. And most recently we launched a new website for families to discover Microsoft tools and resources to help them connect, learn, and play at home.”

See, the new Microsoft is not just about enterprise, its about you and your family in all aspects of your life not just the office. The company further notes “today, we offer a powerful set of free applications and services that help you create, share, connect, and collaborate with your friends and family across the web and on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.”

What’s the largest change?

You’re now going to be in Microsoft 365. You get your traditional office suite with ” new artificial intelligence (AI), rich content and templates, and cloud-powered experiences to empower you to become a better writer, presenter, designer, manager of your finances, and deepen your connection to the people in your life.”

Take Microsoft Editor, its AI enabled tool that helps you to become a better writer, subscribers of the personal service get access to more advanced features that the boost their performance. The tool will help you rewrite sentences and check for potential plagiarism.

Powerpoint will have tools to help you become a better presenter and public speaker with the AI infused Presenter Coach. That’s exciting but you’ll love money management in Excel.

Excel teamed up with Plaid to offer “Money in Excel” that allows you to “connect your bank and credit card accounts” letting you keep track of expenses, income, and account balances in Excel.

This new subscription will be available by April 21st and will cost $6.99 per person and $9.99 for the family (with a limit of six people).

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