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‘Mirror of the Future’, Memomi, Eliminates Trips to the Dressing Room

The future of shopping is here! Goodbye to the days of taking hours of trying on an outfit that flatters you by color, shape, or size, and hello to a new shopping experience. Thanks to a smart mirror that will change the way you think about shopping, MemoMi allows the user to try on virtually anything in the store without the hassle of trying on so many clothes.

Online or In-Person?

Everyone thinks of shopping differently.

If you hate it, most likely you spend a majority of your time online shopping, and have to deal with the prospect of your size…not being your size. Still, even for those that profess to love it, trips to the dressing room can be time consuming and frustrating for you and the people you are with.

It doesn’t have to be so polarized though.

Thanks to MemoMi, a company that has taken the inconvienience of in-person and online shopping and replaced it with the best of both worlds with a smart mirror that captures a full view of the shopper in motion, then using hand-gestures the shopper can browse the racks with the clothes “virtually” on their bodies.


What is unique about the smart mirror is that it is the first body controlled mirror on the market today, and works first by taking a 360 degree visual recording of the person and using their hand, can signal to the mirror which outfit on the sidebar they would like to see themselves wearing. In order to choose it, the user simply closes their hand and opens it again, similar to “clicking” something on your computer.

The smart mirror allows a view of outfit’s side-by-side, color change, saving previously tried on outfits, and a comparison of potential purchases.

If you are shopping alone and need a little help from your friends or loved ones, you also have the option of taking snapshots and sharing it with them on an app available through the retailer or from MemoMi.

You have complete control. The decision is yours if you want to remain anonymous by the retailer and they will not save your preferences, but if you do decide to, then the retailer can send discounts or suggestions on what to buy next. If you change your mind you can get something to eat, you can scroll through your saved ideas and purchase items even if you are not physically present in the store.


Right now the only retailer that is utilizing this technology is Neiman Marcus at their Walnut Creek location, but MemoMi’s founder Salvador Nissi Vilcovski is working hard to make sure MemoMi is utilized by “some of the largest brands in the world, including two of the five largest clothing brands,”

Although this currently is the only location that is using the smart mirror, MemoMi made an appearance at the National Retail Federation Annual Convention in New York City in January, and has gained quite a bit of attention.

Many retailers have already begun to show interest, and with a little time, the MemoMi experience will soon come to a retailer near you.


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