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Microsoft Wants to Join the Metaverse

It is no surprise that Microsoft wants in on this growing trend of the Metaverse. The Metaverse would require investments from a slew of companies around the world. It would not only require large and small firms but a growing ecosystem of developers. These entities would have to have significant passion surrounding the Metaverse. 

Microsoft is surely one of these companies that have significant interest in seeing the Metaverse come to pass. The firm has already established itself in gaming with the Xbox division, and has been increasing its presence in gaming with key acquisitions of fantastic games and developers.

This gives it an already compelling space to operate from when it comes to the Metaverse. The firm can learn quite a bit from more hardcore gamers, as they spend a large portion of their days in different realities.

But Microsoft is interesting because it can approach the Metaverse from a different angle. 

Microsoft and the Future of Work

Life is shifting in more ways than one and behaviors are changing due to technology. For instance, remote work makes it to where you can work all the time, from anywhere, as long as you have a good internet connection.

Microsoft is critical for various enterprise applications, from its Office Suite to Teams, and other products that genuinely add value to an individual and a business.

It is surprising that Microsoft is working with Facebook on its Workplace application. Facebook believes that working with Microsoft in this endeavor can create more value to users.

This new partnership is an example of how Facebook wants to approach its work. The firm wants to collaborate and create more partnerships instead of only moving fast and breaking things.

With this new project, Workplace, a Facebook product will present Team elements and Team users can take advantage of Workplace settings. 

That is what I like to call interoperability, or at least the road to it. It is a way for Facebook to learn how it can provide more help to businesses with its product while collaborating with other large corporations.

It can start with core users who use both applications (Teams and Workplace). Further, it will be interesting to see how these firms will go from these iterative collaborations to more astounding ones over time.

When you think of the Metaverse, you think of immersive digital reality instead of these current applications that you log into today.


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