Make Your House Smart and Safe with These Security Gadgets

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Whether you are living alone or have a family to protect, home safety is always at the top of the list. You want your home to be an impenetrable fortress with absolutely no chance of a break-in. A good place to start is the front door. This can be an easy target for burglars, unless you make it otherwise.


Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Trinity 788

You read it correctly: A door lock that is accessible with your unique fingerprint. Have a family or roommates? No problem. The Trinity 788 can read up to 99 different fingerprints that are stored to its memory. These prints can be added or deleted easily, at any time. It can also be unlocked with a PIN or a Schlage-style key for emergencies.

The door lock fits most cylindrical locksets, and is installed the same way. No external wiring is necessary as it runs on four AA batteries, which will give it a year of battery life. Once you have unlocked the door with your method of choice, it will automatically lock itself after five seconds.

Brinno Digital Peephole Viewer

Maybe someone was unable to get through that nifty door lock of yours and you want to see who it is. Peepholes are good for this, but with their distorted fish-eye view they don’t exactly give a clear view of what is out there. There are also these things called reverse peephole viewers that allow people to look through your door from the outside. Creepy, isn’t it? While they are most commonly used by police, they are easily obtainable online.

The Digital Peephole Viewer by Brinno is a peephole with an LCD display that eliminates the fish-eye effect while rendering reverse peephole viewers useless. One press of the button will show you what is going on outside your door. Another will zoom in for a closer view. After ten seconds, it will turn off automatically

The device is installed by removing your existing peephole lens, which simply twists out of place using the tool that is included. You then replace it with the new lens and twist the other components to the other side. Again, there is no need for external wiring because it runs on AA batteries.