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Make Your Company’s Future Bright in Florida’s Prime Business Environment


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In today’s business world, companies must constantly evolve to keep up with the ever-changing market competition and stay relevant while trying to meet the needs of customers and clients. The business environment of today requires a highly qualified workforce and ideal location conducive to limitless potential and growth. Florida has become both a premier business destination as well as home to a broad and technologically advanced workforce and talent pool that only gets better as time goes on.

The combination of a low-cost of living, extensive resources, key in-state business and education partnerships and high-tech innovation favors the interests of businesses and companies working to expand their business and spur growth. Just as many big-name companies such as Lockheed Martin, GE, and the United Launch Alliance have reaped the benefits of the thriving Florida Business climate, and your company can also benefit from the state’s deep talent pipeline, highly advanced workforce, boundless trade infrastructure, and tax advantages provided by the state, which all together makes the sunshine state the place to be.

Big Business in the Sunshine State

Did you know that Florida has the third largest workforce in the country and is the fourth largest economy? Florida is much more than orange groves and beach communities, the sunshine state has the best tax climate in the entire southeast, which has enabled countless businesses and companies to grow and prosper in a thriving business environment and culture. Florida has quietly gained the ranking of the fourth best place for high-tech employment as the business climate in Florida continues to attract highly skilled workers from other states as well as from local post-secondary schools and universities. Workers in the state of Florida love the place they call home – the warm weather and scenic beaches provide lots of enjoyment.

The Place to Be

Outsiders come to Florida from all parts of the world and enjoy global access afforded by the prime geographical location and the cultural diversity of their fellow workforce members which makes the state an international gateway for businesses. Florida’s boundless business climate has an infrastructure in place which provides access to 19 commercial airports, 15 seaports and rail lines, all of which together are an asset and competitive advantage that provide businesses an extensive range of possibilities that few other places can. The variety of environments, whether suburban, urban, rural or coastal, accommodate the full spectrum of businesses and industries while the talented and diverse workforce continues to grow and awaits companies relocating and expanding within the state.

Business and Education Partnerships

There is a reason why Florida has over 311,000 high-tech employees as well as 28,000 STEM graduates and upwards of 18,000 business degree majors entering the workforce every year. Florida’s colleges and universities provide businesses and companies in the state with an ever-increasing and highly sought talent pool needed in helping companies to be competitive and reach their full potential. Also, companies such as Lockheed Martin and the United Launch Alliance work together with universities to develop updated skills training and programs that help the Florida Talent pool to become more specialized and innovative.

IT’s Presence and Role in the Florida Business Climate

Florida’s ripe business climate is evident in the $839 billion IT industry which alone is larger than that of Switzerland, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates. Success has bred success in Florida, and as the state’s IT industry has grown, other types of businesses have benefitted from the integration of the fastest and most accessible wireless networks in the country. Florida businesses also benefit from the very best research and development support present in the state’s high-tech corridor that spans 23 counties, four universities and countless industrial partners and technology incubators.

Florida’s IT professionals have helped the state gain the top ranking of employment in the manufacturing of communications equipment, telecommunications and system design fields. The state’s IT industry is only expected to grow larger and become more advanced as companies and new employees come to realize how they too can prosper in Florida’s thriving business climate. Meanwhile the technological innovations of Florida’s IT businesses will also help to enhance the productivity and profitability of Florida companies in other fields.

Business in Florida’s Prime Central Location

Florida’s business climate also benefits from the state’s strategic location. Since the expansion of the Panama Canal was completed, the state’s manufacturing business has become 93 percent of the state’s exports. Presently, Florida is home to 61,000 exporting companies which ship $143 billion in merchandise trade through the state’s seaports and airports last year. Lockheed Martin alone has over $6 billion in contracts with Florida based suppliers every year as well as 13,500 employees working in different locations statewide. The thousands of companies located in Florida reap the benefits of working in a pro-business climate that has a 5.5 percent corporate tax rate while the world’s largest domestic and foreign banks have been drawn into the sunshine state by the state’s cultural diversity.

No matter what the type of industry or business, Florida Innovation can help companies reach new levels of productivity and profitability. Florida’s workforce is virtually unparalleled while integrated business networks continue to make Florida an even greater business destination. If you are expanding your business, look no further. Florida’s business climate can help your company evolve and remain relevant while opening the doors to limitless growth potential.

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