Lumi Pamper is the Smart Diaper You Never Knew You Needed

It seems like every day we are becoming more reliant on technology to make our lives better by making our lives easier. Following the convenient velcro and tearable straps comes the latest innovative technology by the brand Pampers, Lumi

Lumi is a smart device that sends you a notification every time your baby’s diaper gets dirty. 

Pretty cool, right? Now, you’ll know when your baby’s diaper is dirty. You can have real-time alerts, letting you know that the bundle of joy that you call yours needs some help.

How Does it Work?

Lumi works as part of a moisture strip that is built into the baby’s diaper and comes with a reusable sensor. The sensor can be attached to the outside of the diaper after you put a fresh one on your baby. The Lumi sensor is built to detect excess moisture, and therefore, Pampers notes that it works for urine only.

This aspect is not the only thing the brand promises to its parent demographic. Pampers makes sure to add more features for parents by increasing the utilities they require in their journey to parenting. 

Pampers executives are offering a whole package with a Logitech camera with a set of sensors, a wide-angle lens, with two-way audio, and a camera that can inform you of the temperature and humidity levels in the baby’s nursery. 

It’s a whole new era for parenting, and new parents will have up to minute information regarding their children with these different products offered by Pampers.

Lumi and Baby Package Design

Both parents must go to work shortly after the baby arrives? No problem, Pampers has you covered.

The package was designed so that parents could create the perfect environment for the baby, where they get to have proper insight into everything happening with their baby despite their hectic lifestyles. 

Pampers have always had a marketing strategy where they would put themselves in the shoes of parents, both experienced and new. This strategy of understanding and catering to their customers by meeting them where they are has paid off.

The brand is still chugging along and creating the right products for their consumers.

The package is an excellent way to help parents feel less nervous and more in control of their child’s well being. 

The baby monitoring package, although revealed with all its new specs, has not yet hit the market. We expect it to be available later this year. 

The brand has yet to confirm a specific date of the launch. 

Pampers did, however, introduce a waitlist that parents can sign up for. This way, you will surely receive your package and will be able to monitor your baby as you like. 

The smart device works for diapers that are described to fit babies up to a year old. The package includes two types of diapers, and you can also opt for a subscription of the product according to the size that you think will fit your baby. 

The price for the new diapers with the built-in strip is not known as of yet. However, Pampers has mentioned that it will not have a considerable margin from the price of the ordinary diapers it sells. 

Innovation and data driven insights are everywhere, Lumi, is just one domain.

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