August 2014 loot crate review- heroes theme

Loot Crate Review and Unboxing for August 2014: Heroes Theme

After last month’s Villain-themed crate, we were really looking forward to part two, August’s Hero-themed crate! In classic Loot Crate style, we weren’t let down. This month’s crate included tons of items that feature some of our favorite heroes! Additionally, this crate included the long awaited Loot Crate Exclusive Funko Pop! Figure. It was everything we dreamed it would be. Have a look to see what we scored from the August ‘Heroes’ Crate:

August Loot Crate Review: Heroes


Heroic Loot Crate Box Art


In our past loot crate, we saw some awesome graffiti-style Villain box art inside our crate. This month, there was also some pretty incredible box art that was reminiscent of the old TMNT cartoons. We were really hoping for more box art and we were not disappointed!

Loot Crate Mini-Mag


This month’s Loot Crate Mini-Mag featured lots of exciting content, including: featured looters, a look at the mega-crate, a spot the differences puzzle, all of this month’s loot, and more! Cover art features, of course, various heroes that are seen in this crate!

TMNT Full Figure


How awesome is this little guy? Each little TMNT figure from Kidrobot comes with his very own  slime-coated daggers. Bonus, the glow in the dark ooze makes for realistic night battles against Shredder.

Loot Crate Exclusives Rule Everything


Groot! The guys at Loot Crate clearly know their audience. This Funko POP! Bobble Head is completely exclusive to Loot Crate Subscribers. He features bobbling action and, of course, a glow in the dark hand.

TMNT Mask Glasses by H2W


Coming to you in 4 teenage mutant-y colors (orange, red, blue, and purple), these Ninja Turtle Mask Glasses will protect your sensitive eyes from the sun when you emerge from the sewer…or your basement.

Schwings Shoe Lightning Bolts For Your Kicks


Now you can dash around just like The Flash! These unique shoe accessories lace right on to the sides of your shoes and give you that little superhero spark that you’ve been looking for! Made by Schwings, you’ll love adorning your kicks with these neat bolts.

Sonic Air Freshener For Your Batmobile


Keep your car, locker, batmobile, spaceship, or other heroic vehicle fresh with this nostalgic air freshener! Others got some Loot Crate alternatives, such as Mega Man and Proto. We were lucky enough to snag Sonic, our personal fave!

Collectible Loot Crate Badge and Dead Pool Magnet


8th in our collection, this month’s Loot Crate Badge features Captain America, Mega Man, Batman, and more! Also included in the smaller goodies is this awesome Dead Pool magnet featuring his favorite breakfast cereal, Chimichang-O’s.

Bonus Digital Loot


This month’s bonus digital loot includes codes to the following games: Doctor Who: Legacy, Defense Grid, and Gauntlet. Each code gives various in-game loot, or in the case of Defense Grid, the entire game!

A big THANK YOU to our friends at Loot Crate for sponsoring this unboxing. Don’t forget to check out the official Loot Crate website and sign up to get your own crate full of geeky gamer awesomeness delivered to your door each month! Use promo code : GEEKLOOT at checkout for 10% off your subscription.