KILLER BAD #1 Kickstarts August 2

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It’s Slasher Film meets Superheroes. KILLER BAD is two genres which rarely intersect in such a supreme, adrenaline filled spectacle and answers the unasked question: “What if Friday the 13th jumped into bed with The Boys?”

Written by Jeffrey Burandt (Image Comics, IDW, Heavy Metal) and with art by Jason Goungor (Heavy Metal, Megadeth: Death By Design), KILLER BAD is an extreme look at everything that was good and bad during the ‘attitude era’ of Comics (the 1990s), served with a spicy side of satire. KILLER BAD is an unapologetic adult comic that praises the flair of the 1990s.

When an elite super-group travels to a remote island to retrieve a powerful artifact, they are stalked and killed by a super-slasher, serial killer. Killer Bad #1 is a grindhouse, gore-fest of world-shattering death and destruction!

Burandt says, “I am beyond excited to get this project in readers’ hands. In a way, Jason and I get to relive the era that got us into comics in the first place, the early-to-mid-1990’s, which culminated in the formation of Image Comics. And that’s where this comes from: Jason and I excitedly talking about the early days of X-Force and Spawn, and how we would make a book that tapped into that raw excitement that put art first, while allowing me to update the writing style with a more modern (dare I say, ‘postmodern,’) take.

“The result of that brainstorm is this superhero meets slasher movie pastiche where handsome and beautiful superheros are getting murdered in the goriest, splatterpunk ways imaginable. Jason had all these ridiculous names and character designs in his back pocket already, and I had the memory of an outline of my very first attempt at writing comics (which was actually in the 90’s).

“So for both of us, we have this intense thrill of finally getting to tell a story that’s been festering in our deranged brains for a long time, both independently of each other, and then as collaborators. It’s superheroes. It’s horror. It’s Killer Bad.”

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The KILLER BAD #1 Kickstarter launches August 2.


Filmmaker Darin Murano recreates shot for shot a very famous 501 Jeans commercial that originally starred Rob Liefeld, as directed by Spike Lee

About the Creators

Jeffrey Burandt is a Brooklyn-based writer, who specializes in science fiction and horror comics. His work has been published by DC Entertainment, Devil’s Due Comics, Heavy Metal Magazine, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, Oni Press, Scout Comics, as well as several blogs and magazines. He is also the frontman for the long-running, sci-fi rock band Americans UK, and self published their comics adventures for many years.

Jason Goungor is an Australian artist, now based in Brooklyn, New York. His comics work has been featured in Heavy Metal MagazineMegadeth: Death By DesignVisions From the Upside Down: Stranger Things Artbook, and Line Webtoons’ The Brooklynite.

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