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Key Recommendations for Roku Channel Development

You have heard of Roku, right?

Well if not, then let us introduce you to them. Roku is a company that makes streaming devices, and they have an awesome product called the Roku box. Still not sure of what we are talking about? Check out our website!

Roku’s goal is to establish the most comprehensive cross-channel TV streaming experience available. We want to make it easy for users to watch the best of what Hollywood, TV, cable, and Internet video have to offer. This means that Roku has got some stiff competition in this sector with companies like AppleTV and Google Chromecast.

Roku is currently the market leader for streaming media boxes that are used by cord-cutters. These cord cutters want to be able to stream web content to their TV.

There are several different Roku models available. They include Roku HD (2600), Roku HD (4620), Roku 2 XS (4210), and Roku 3 (4630). The latter two include a remote control while you will need to purchase this accessory separately for other models.

Roku is a rich platform for channel development, and many have been developed already. You can view these channels on Roku’s website through their channel store.

Peek Into History Of Roku:

Now that we have told you so much about Roku, wouldn’t you like to know something about how we started? 

We have been developing a Roku channel for many years. Many entered the world of TV apps (OTT) and worked with one of our media and entertainment clients. They often worked on big projects to get content to as many devices as possible. 

Our company started developing iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets. We started Roku application development for OTT devices (AppleTV, FireTV, AndroidTV, Samsung SmartTV, and of course, Roku!

Video streaming platforms are now part of the daily video consumption habits of millions of people. This goes both for people in the United States as well as all around the world. Moreover, content providers and networks recognize this and compete with each other to offer their products to OTT.

Among the OTT platforms currently available, the Roku app developer is one of the major players. They are quickly gaining market share and returning home with products ranging from low-cost keys to high-end set-top boxes.

Today we would like to share a proposal to bring content to this platform.

Why should you develop a channel?

Channels allow you to extend your program’s branding by adding an icon/channel. The users could select these channels from the Roku channel directory.

In addition, if your website was not mobile-optimized or consistent with other channels, then adding a channel can provide users with this consistency.

So what are the steps to create a channel?

There are two ways to develop Roku channels. Either by using the SDK (software development kit) or by developing directly with our platform. 

If you want economy and speed, then this option is for you. This is especially true if you already have an iOS app that has been approved or has been in production.

On the other hand, if you are new to TV apps and want to start small for your first project, then developing with our platform is right for you. This option also allows you to publish the app yourself on the Roku store.

What do I need before starting?

So all you need is some HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The good news is that Roku even provides you with a sample code to get started (also available on GitHub ). You do not need Objective-C or Swift, since we provide you with the JavaScript SDK.

You just need to download the file and upload it to your web server along with your HTML pages. Just drop the SDK in the same directory as your other files, and make sure to link to the SDK somewhere in your HTML.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. We provide you with a JavaScript SDK that makes calls directly to our servers. We have integrated this SDK into popular content management systems. This will allow you to publish your channel without any need to re-deploy your backend.

You just need a Roku account and the ID of the channel you want to publish. You can then go into Developer/ My Channels / Add new channels. Once you have done so, be aware that it may take some time before your app appears online. Since we have already integrated with Apple’s iTunes Connect and Google Play Store, your apps will be reviewed, just like other native apps.

Where to start? 

New channels are being launched every week on the Roku platform, with over 500 channels available to date. The continuing increase in new channels makes it harder for publishers to stand out.

The first decision you have to make is whether or not your brand should use the Roku channel template. Most people choose this because it gives them more control over their experience, design elements of a channel. They can then customize as needed for themselves and other users with similar interests in mind too!

Roku is a mature OTT application platform. This Channel is an application developed with Roku’s XML framework called Scenegraph.

It also introduced a native library called Component Controller.

This introduces a clear standard for maintaining a channel’s performance regardless of the hardware it is running on.

All app developers should be able to work with low-end and high-end devices. This includes a software development cycle. The development cycle includes device testing, careful memory management (to accommodate hardware limitations). They also have adaptive UX / UI mode for the specific type of device used in the implementation. This becomes an iterative process!

You can set up a Roku channel in just five minutes! The innovative app developer portal clearly defines certification criteria and makes it easy for you. It will save time, money, and frustration!

Define the monetization model

A channel’s monetization model is one of the most important decisions to make when setting up a network. This affects how you will be able to develop, design your application and the features it should have!

When considering which models are right for a given situation or platform check if any other apps are already out on that specific market. Find out what revenue do those particular ones offer users with advertisements embedded into their content vs by subscriptions alone.

Most common monetization options:

AVOD: Advertising – or based on advertising – Video on demand

This model requires the implementation of the Roku Advertising Framework (RAF). RAF allows you to measure traffic and user behavior while playing ads. RAF certification is relatively straightforward and separate from the standard certification process. So you should plan for both processes well in advance of the release date.

The reason this takes more preparation is that we’ll be doing all of our testings with ad content. We do not use raw traffic numbers like usual – which means there are certain conditions needed for RAF tests.

SVOD: subscription videos on demand

RokuPay, a new service from Roku that will allow you to pay for their products with your streaming device. According to the website “The program is quick and easy.” You will get discounts if you purchase accessories or upgrades.

You do not need to worry about developing credit card procedures because they handle it.

Integrating data to increase visibility:

Roku is a platform where users can find, install and play channels. It also provides other discovery tools like searching for content by keyword or through the Roku Channels Directory. The tools list popular third-party sites which are integrated with their service. 

This way you don’t miss out on any videos/games when you are browsing around online!

The Roku Event Dispatcher (RED) can be used in conjunction with your application to track metrics such as installations.

The device-specific errors and number of app crashes are a great way to determine how much work you need for your next update. 

The interactive TV experience just got way better with Roku. You can now have your apps and channels prioritized in search results because you’ve authenticated access to them! 

More information about the user, like their login on other devices connected via WiFi networks, will also affect what shows up at the top.

Especially when someone uses their remote control instead of typing out words directly onto a tiny keyboard below it.

Finest equipment for development and testing:

Roku is the best way for your content to reach millions of people. With a device that has more memory and processing power, you can offer an excellent experience.

You can do this with just one tab open on mobile or web browser without experiencing lags – this makes it easier than ever before.

Create a backlog. A list of bug fixing and performance improvement tasks that need to be added. To the development queue and adjust to the roadmap for the entire project.

So it’s even better if you expand and test yourself on the low and high end of your device from day one. For example, you can write specific rules on low-end devices.

By this, you can provide alternate user interaction and design patterns for devices that have low processing power.

Become part of the community.

The Roku app development team is very easy to get started with, so you should take advantage of it.

There may be a Roku Partner Success Contact design to handle all communication between your team. 

And Roku’s engineering, certification, and sales teams. You can also find various channels for communicating with the community on the Roku Developer Portal.

When you join the community and start improving the performance of your channel. 

The Roku channel developers will invite you to one of the Developer Summit events.

You can participate in any activity. At our company, the Roku app development team was amazed at the amount and quality of information that Roku engineers share.

They discussed integration with Google devices and other related technical and detailed topics.

Key Takeaways:

  • The best way for your content to reach millions of people is with a Roku device
  • An excellent experience can now be provided with just one tab open on the mobile or web browser without any lag – this makes it easier than ever before.
  • Create and adjust the backlog and roadmap for the entire project.
  • You can write specific rules on low-end devices.
  • The Roku app development team is very easy to get started with, so you should take advantage of it.


Roku is the best way for your content to reach millions of people. With a device that has more memory and processing power, you can offer an excellent experience.

When you join the community and start improving the performance of your channel, Roku Channel developers will invite you to one of the Developer Summit events.

There may be a Roku Partner Success Contact design to handle all communication between your team. 


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